Modern technology in the fight against domestic violence

Modern technology in the fight against domestic violence

Russia has launched an application for smartphones «» It is intended for women who are at risk in any form.

A service contains information about the nearest crisis centers working on the territory of the Russian Federation. If necessary, it automatically paves the best route. Also developed the «SOS» button. When you activate it, all the people close to user get a message about a possible threat.

In order to use the service in full just install the app on a smartphone is not enough. You must create your own database of «trusted contacts, and pre-prepared text alerts, which will get subscribers «asset» base. In addition to requests for help in the message will contain information on the location of victims of violence.

A similar service from 2014 is in Turkey. Turkish application allows you to submit an SOS message unbeknownst to the aggressor — simply shake the phone and the system will send loved ones a message that the woman is in danger.

According to the developers, the app was created for those who are regularly confronted with the problem of domestic violence. However, it may be useful for those who need immediate lump sum. For example, in the case of sudden danger when traveling in a taxi or in case of an attack on the street.

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