Miracles of transformation or how to change a figure with clothes

Every girl in my life at least once, but faced with the fact that I had a top or skirt shamelessly mutilated figure. And surely each of you have a dress that miraculously takes away from the hips extra inches and makes the waist thinner. The whole thing in an optical illusion, to understand which should not only to David Copperfield, but every fashionista who wants to always look perfect.

Light more dark

That black clothes are slimming and white adds inches even known a little girl. Scientists call this phenomenon the complex term «the effect of irradiation». Optional study manual on optical physics to understand why this is happening. But consider the effect in the drafting of the closet still have.

  • So, the best way to pull full figure simple black sheath dress from dense viscose from Gloria Jeans, length just above the knee.
  • Unhappy with the lack of waist? Just pick a black strap.
  • With disproportionately small Breasts and lush hips balances the figure of the traditional «white top, black bottom».

The illusion of similarity

Its essence is that the lines overlap, become more visible. For example, chubby girl absolutely contraindicated blouse with a round neckline, they only focus on excessive plumpness of the cheeks. Conversely, the fashionista with the sharp facial features only decorate lace beige blouse Gloria Jeans with a round white collar. In it, it will become much more feminine and cuter.

The effect of the occupied space

Printed clothing always looks three-dimensional solid. And this can be skillfully used. For example, it is sufficient to choose the top into the cage to visually Breasts became more elaborate. Moreover, the larger the figure, the stronger the effect of the increase. But if you want to hide the fullness of the legs, leggings and tights pattern must forever be for ladies simply taboo. Conversely, tapered black pants with slits on the sides, or dark blue skirt made of blended viscose from Gloria Jeans, visually make the girl a couple of sizes slimmer.

Art to divert attention

And the main rule of making a wardrobe is to select bright item: a scarf or jewelry, belt or handbag that area of the image that you are proud of. A splash of color literally attracts all the attention to himself, leaving problem areas no chance to be seen.

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