Miracle frying pan or Teflon: was, is and will be!

Know the story about the disappearance of a cast iron skillet in the Russian oven? It is not strange, but miracles sometimes happen. It all started with the fact that pan was purchased on the market and their grandmother went to prikalivatsja in the oven, so as not burnt. When it came time to take out a new assistant, the stove there simply was not! The ash that jingled, but the frying pan is a little reminiscent.

The history of Teflon

This is a real story someone will laugh. Someone will not believe. And some, in General, ask: «Why buy a cast iron skillet and bake? There are also pans with non-stick Teflon coated!» And they are right, because Teflon is the best gift of science practicing Housewives.

The history of Teflon

The scientific name of the non-stick coating is tetrafluoroethylene.

One fine April day in 1938, Roy Plankton – chemist from the company KineticChemicals – quite by accident I discovered the existence of the future of the Teflon. Scientists are all a little «not of this world», and that in the diffuse swarm of gaseous tetrafluoroethylene somehow took, and cured in white powder.

How to cook on a Teflon pan

Upon further research (the good scientists are very curious by nature) revealed that out paraffinotherapy composition is extremely stable to high temperatures and mechanical stress. The substance proved so promising that he immediately thought of the name «Teflon». The patent, however, received only 3 years.

As coatings of various products of Teflon has been applied in many areas:

  • medicine;
  • engineering;
  • defense industry.

The list of uses of Teflon has increased steadily and in 1956 the hostess met with a «magic» pan. And all the glory associated with successful innovation, went to the American company DuPont after the merger with KineticChemicals. Where glory is, there is competition and envy, and any attempt to harm the successful leaders.

Teflon coating frying pans


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a newfangled non-stick coating when heated to 240° begins to release toxic substances harmful to human health. The maximum temperature cooking reaches 200°. Therefore, the Teflon brand are safe at home. As soon as this fact became well known, «well-wishers» have calmed down. But not for long.

Opponents of the Teflon began to dig deeper and after extensive experimentation, the verdict: PTFE itself is not dangerous, but perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), used in the manufacture of cookware with Teflon coating, which emit when heated a carcinogen – a strong poison to humans.

Harmful if Teflon

After that DuPont was fined $ 15 million for the introduction of misleading consumers regarding product safety.

It seemed that all the end of a wonderful food tale by the name «Teflon». But no, the producers found an alternative to PFOA, developing safer production methods. What to tell its customers using the application on the dishes of security sign – PFOAfree.

So what is chemistry?

Scientists claim that the PTFE under normal conditions stable and inert, meaning it does not react with water, food and household cleaning products. Even if it enters the human body it is not harmful. This fact is scientifically grounded in 60 years was held large-scale experiments on rats (world health organization). The results showed that the ingested with food 25% PTFE in the body is safe for health. After 20 years, repeated experiments – the result is the same.

Dangerous Teflon

By the way, after all the experiments with the biological compatibility of PTFE began to be used in dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery for implants.

Chemistry is the science accurate and does not perceive ambiguity. Specialists allocated only 2 when the Teflon can really become dangerous is overheating (above 240°) and violation of production technology. Even damaged Teflon coating is not harmful in a pot just inconvenient to cook.

Compare old and new

Despite all the arguments in favor of the safety of nonstick coatings, some Housewives still afraid to use Teflon utensils. Well, the taste and color of comrades there, as they say.

Safe Teflon

You can fry potatoes in a cast iron frying pan, build muscles when it a wash and move on kitchen surfaces.

You can buy contemporary ceramics, which is not harmful to health when overheated (great for ovens).

Or to give preference to Teflon. Whatever you chose, you need to know: ceramics of «enough» only 132 of cooking, and Teflon at 320. Plus, ceramic is «afraid» alkaline environment, so it can be washed in dishwashers.

Which to use utensils, it’s you and only you!

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