Methods of dealing with unwanted body hair

Hair in women – absolutely normal phenomenon. Ideally, they are very thin and almost colorless, but often there are cases when girls have dark and long hair on the plots. The reason for this may be violation of hormonal levels, and heredity.

The fight against unwanted body hair

The growth of dark, long and thick hair is normal for girls only in such areas as legs, underarms, and groin area. If you grow much eye noticeable hair on the face, abdomen or hands is a cause for concern. You may need to consult a doctor and get tested for hormones. This disorder can be cured, but it should be done under medical supervision. If you have hormones all in norm, it is likely that the reason of heredity, and here, alas, nothing can be done. Will have to deal with the problem.

Shaving body hair

A girl saw on his body a dark, nasty looking hair, starting to shave it. This is probably the worst way to combat the problem was found. Subsequently, after shaving you receive the bristles, the hair is more hard, dark and long. So to use this method in solving problems is not recommended.

Another way to get rid of unwanted hair there are creams that their chemical composition is able to remove hair from the body. After this procedure, when the hair grows back look much better than shaving. Almost not thicken, do not darken and, importantly, is not formed bristles.

Laser hair removal body hair

A good method in solving the problem can also be a different kind of waxing. Wax, sugar, use of epilator or not, no matter, the effect is about the same. You get rid of hair on a considerable amount of time, up to three weeks, the hair grow after the procedure is not so hard, is much more rare and it looks not so bad. However, a disadvantage of the procedure is its tenderness. Rip out hair from the skin, causing significant discomfort and the possibility of irritation for a long period of time.

Waxing of body hair

If body hair a lot and use different tools to remove them too hard, and the presence of bristles makes you awful feelings, there is another option, which is to experience the lightening of the hair. This method of dealing with unwanted hair is the most gentle and can greatly simplify your life, if the hair that you do not like, not too hard and black. The first event that is worth paying attention to is the use of hydrogen peroxide.

The three percent solution will help to illuminate the hairs, making them thinner and brittle. To use peroxide is necessary for long time to see the result. Applying the solution onto the hair three times a day using a cotton pad, after a while you will be able to see tangible progress in lighting.

Another option is the use of hair dyes. Many girls choose to use cheap and low quality paint, hoping it will help to ruin your hair and stop their growth. However, this is not recommended because it can cause great harm not only unwanted hair but also the skin. And, most importantly, before applying different paint to test for an allergic reaction!

Unwanted body hair how to remove

Whichever method in the fight against unwanted hair you choose, there is one technique that can significantly slow down hair growth – rubbing the skin with lemon juice. To do it the recommended three times daily on the affected area. However, it is worth to remember about possibility of irritation and allergic reaction in which to use lemon juice.

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