Melanie is a unique raccoon who has mastered a two-wheeled bike

Known Kent now boasts another resident, a raccoon, four years old, whose development is not inferior to the development of young children. The raccoon named Melanie is different different talents, he can happily cheering, dance, play drums, do wet cleaning, and even ride a bike! Hear, lovers online games for boys and girls on sites such as Ahriman? Can actually repeat what makes this cutie?

The raccoon named Melanie

Raccoons often seem to us to be pests, rake the dumps or dealing with various dirty tricks. But Melanie will forever put an end to these errors. This amazing creature has many talents that makes him the smartest raccoon in the world.

About Melanie all learned after her owner posted a sensational video on You Tube, where you can see how Melanie was quietly riding her bike. Owner talented raccoon 35 years old, her name is Kimberly winger. She claims that she and Melanie have a special connection, and while all raccoons can be considered the smartest animals, Melanie – the most special among them. Really, who else can master hundreds of skills at once?

Amazing raccoon named Melanie

Says Kimberly, raccoons can be considered the best Pets, because they love to be naughty and have too lively temperament. But Melanie was able to win the heart of Kimberley its uniqueness. For such a talented animal can be patient any possible problems.

Amazing raccoon

Kimberly moved to England five years ago to study horses. Melanie got her when she was only eight weeks. Kimberly’s goal is to be with Melanie as much time as possible. Amazing raccoon is very friendly towards other people and animals. Melanie had loved to travel in the car, buses, trains, more importantly, that her mistress was near. Even when shopping she quietly walks beside Kimberly, enjoying shopping.

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