Materials for flooring

Laying flooring is a procedure without which the repair of the apartment can not be completed. And here everyone wants to get the job done efficiently, quickly, and for that you need to choose the right material. The variety of flooring is so great that it is not difficult to get confused and make a mistake when choosing. First of all, familiarize yourself with the current range, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Most often, the choice of product is based on its appearance, and the possibility to combine it with other materials for decoration. But other properties of the floor covering should also not be ignored when choosing.


Types of floor coverings

Some may say that the best flooring is parquet, as one of the most solid and, at the same time, a natural material. However, for the flooring is often used, and other products. This ceramic tile, porcelain, vinyl tiles, laminate and linoleum.

Ceramic tile

When choosing flooring it is necessary to clearly determine in which room it will be used. For the kitchen, bathroom or hallway perfect ceramic tile. It is waterproof and resistant to temperature extremes. To the ceramic floor was not slippery, is better to do the processing with relief tiles.

Types of floor coverings


This product also enjoys a certain demand among consumers. In composition it is similar to ceramic tiles. The only difference is the manufacturing technology. The material is colored throughout the depth, due to the fact that the dye is added to it at the initial stage of production. It has a high resistance to freezing temperatures. Granite can have a relief surface and a smooth, matte finish. The product is used for the flooring in the hallway, bathroom and in the kitchen.

Types of flooring


Another common kind of coverage is an artificial substitute of the parquet, so-called laminate, or just laminate. This option is an excellent alternative for those who can’t afford the purchase of natural parquet. Quality made when laying the joints between the boards of the products are almost invisible, resulting in a simulation of a continuous coating. When buying laminate, there should be savings. Cheap products do not tolerate moisture and temperature changes. Laminate is good quality will last a long time, and if damaged you can easily replace its parts.

Natural materials for flooring


This material in the past, there were quite widely known. Despite the fact that he is known as a coverage quality is below average, it is often used in the decoration of modern living. If we are talking about natural linoleum, such product is not afraid of dirt and scratches. However, this material requires some care. Coating of linoleum should be wiped periodically with special tools.

Vinyl tile

Appeared on the consumer market recently. In principle, it is the same linoleum but cut into small pieces. The product has both pluses and minuses. One of the main advantages of this material is the variety of textures. With vinyl tiles can mimic marble, wood and other types of flooring. The product is absolutely harmless, and resistant to temperature changes.

Which floor covering is better

The disadvantages of vinyl tiles is, above all, the tendency of the material to ultraviolet rays. As a result, when struck by sunlight large quantities of material may simply be burned. In addition, vinyl tile is not able to withstand heavy loads, so the furniture items will definitely leave dents on its surface.

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