Maize varieties

Sorti kukurudzi

Late varieties, though good for human consumption, but it is still recommended to leave them to cereals or freeze. But also don’t forget to leave seed for next year, and the seeds of late varieties get very good.

  1. Bashkirova – late variety. Gestation period, 137-142 day. Very resistant to disease. The variety is well suited for cooking.
  2. Polaris – late variety. The period of maturation of 103-105 days. Resistant to disease, good for freezing and canning.
  3. Russian breaks – late variety. Ripening period 95-98 days. Disease resistant, but weak to pests, well prepared and preserved.

SOLODKY grade kukurudzi

Varieties of medium ripening can be attributed to the crops that can resist diseases. However, like all types of corn, this variety is also to be treated against pests, and it is desirable before planting.

  1. Gourmet – medium maturing varieties. Ripening period 80-95 days. Good yields and sweet taste.
  2. Mermaid – medium maturing varieties 93 days. Sweet, good for cooking. Mild to pests.
  3. Pearls – average maturation in 83-91 day. Disease resistant, well-exposed to the freezing and preservation.
  4. Favorit – secondary maturation in 58-66 days. Well suited for preservation, resistant to diseases and parasites.
  5. The cranberries – secondary maturation in 73-82 day. If you want to harvest parties, you can sow the seeds with a break of 10-15 days.
  6. Swimstar – secondary maturation in 70-85 days. Ideal for freezing, cooking and preservation.
  7. Spirit – medium ripening at 63-79 days. For harvest parties fit to make with a break of 10 days.

Smaczny grade kukurudzi

The sweet is an early variety of corn, so there is no need to wait for too long. All varieties should be treated before planting, and to ensure that no naughty not boring to corn, as regards, in principle, all other agricultural plants. There is an opinion that if the parasites are sitting on some plant, it will suffer all its surrounding culture. You should protect yourself, because corn is quite capricious crop, which needs constant and careful care.

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