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London Sights

London landmarks on the map

Many tourists tend to visit the gorgeous, sleek and luxurious, the UK capital – London. It is a city whose history was formed within many centuries, it strikes the combination of restraint and panache. It harmoniously coexist magnificent modern architecture, stunning as its original design, and ancient architectural complexes, imbued with the spirit of conservatism and strict traditions.

London sights fascinate and captivate, are forced to admire their grandeur and beauty. Many of the most popular in the capital of England have a rich history mixed with many legends, the City makes a lasting impression and forever captivates hearts visited him. All London sights photos with names which can be seen in this article, it is difficult to see in one day, so it’s best to go to this city for a longer time to admire its beauty.

London Sights

Tower bridge

You cannot visit London and not visit the most famous building of the city — tower bridge stands proudly over the Thames. The structure was built over 130 years ago and still impresses with grandeur of conception. Despite the fact that the drawbridge, the pedestrians could always cross the river, passing on the second floor of the building. Today, this part of the bridge is used as viewing platforms from which you can admire the amazing scenery. The towers are museums, which presents many interesting exhibits.

Tower bridgeTower bridge

Big Ben

The clock tower of Westminster Palace, often referred to as big Ben, is the symbol of not only London but the whole of the UK. A huge clock in its walls for more than 157 years counts down the time as if symbolising a calm measured way of life of conservative Englishmen. Construction officially called the Elizabeth Tower. It is the largest bell in the United Kingdom, which is called big Ben. Tourists and residents of the capital prefer to call it the tower itself.

Big BenBig Ben

The Tower Of London

More than 950 years, the North Bank of the river adorn the walls of the ancient fortress – the tower of London, which is one of the oldest buildings in the UK. Over the long history the fortress was used as a Palace, a repository of treasures, Arsenal, mint. Within its walls were serving sentences of senior and honorary prisoners. This remarkable building was used as an Observatory and even a zoo. Today the tower of London is the historical centre of the city, which attracts millions of tourists.

The Tower Of LondonThe Tower Of London

The Palace of Westminster

In the center of London and Westminster on the river Thames is a magnificent ancient Palace in which the history of the state. Within its walls the seat of the Parliament of the country, held meetings with foreign statesmen. In the history of the Palace of Westminster is a tragic event. In 1834 the building was almost destroyed by a great fire. His recovery took more than 20 years. In the near future it is planned restoration of the building, which will have to spend about 3.5 billion pounds. Exact start date not yet determined.

The Palace of WestminsterThe Palace of Westminster

Buckingham Palace

Built in 1703 for the Duke Bakingema, the Palace is now known worldwide as the residence of the monarchs of great Britain. It can be safely called as a separate small town, which has its own hospital, post office, police and other institutions that are members of the Royal family. On the main square of the Buckingham Palace stands a white marble pedestal on which is a gilded monument to Queen Victoria.

Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Captivates with its grandeur, the main collegiate Church of great Britain, located in Westminster. Built in the Gothic style, it causes admiration and sense of awe. In the magnificent halls of Westminster Abbey is the coronation of the monarchs of the country. Everyone is welcome to attend Church, to visit exhibitions or classical music concerts are often held here. Interesting places to visit in Westminster Abbey Museum, to visit the poet’s corner or enjoy the beauty of the Chapter.

Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey

Kensington Palace

When visiting London attractions, you should spend time Kensington Palace, which was for a long time the summer residence of the monarchs. The first house was owned by the Earl of Nottingham, which was built in the XVII century. But the Palace was soon redeemed and converted the king. At the present time the owners are Prince William with his wife. Visiting Kensington Palace, you can admire not only the beautiful architecture of the building, but also beautiful gardens that surround it.

Kensington PalaceKensington Palace


Tourists who are in London, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the huge Greenwich Park, which is located on the outskirts of London. In this place you can visit in many museums, which tell about the development of Maritime Affairs and astronomy in the UK. Through the Park passes the Zero Meridian, in this connection, there in 1675, founded the Observatory, which was engaged in clarifying important for sailors of coordinates.


St. Paul’s Cathedral

Visiting English Cathedral, tourists can not only see the magnificent building, designed in the Baroque style, but also to visit the highest point of the city. This wonderful place is located on the hill of Ludgate hill. For its construction, which began in 1675, took more than 33 years. The Cathedral attracts tourists with its beautiful architecture. Under a huge dome in the building has an amazing gallery. One of them is striking in its acoustics and is called whispering: it is necessary to quietly utter the word in one end of the room, and clearly heard throughout the room. The Golden gallery offers stunning views of the city. But to enjoy panoramic views of London from a bird’s flight, will have to conquer quite a steep staircase, consists of 500 steps.

St. Paul's CathedralSt. Paul’s Cathedral

British Museum

A very popular London attraction is the British Museum. Attendance is second only to the Louvre in Paris. Its numerous exhibits attract more than 6.5 million tourists a year. Here for centuries was about the unique artifacts of the many colonies of Britain. Today they are exhibited in different exhibition halls of the Museum, of which there are more than a hundred. Here you can admire the exhibits, which age thousands of years. They are considered the gems of the collection. The Museum also has a huge library, which contains unique works of art, ancient Buddhist manuscripts and the various manuscripts.

British MuseumBritish Museum

National gallery, London

In the halls of the National gallery of London you can see many amazing pieces of art created by outstanding artists of all time and budding talented artists. Collection of this art Museum began to gather in 1824. His first exhibition consisted of 38 paintings. It gave rise to the formation of the gallery. Today there are thousands of works of art, admire the wish that every year more than 6 million visitors.

National gallery, LondonNational gallery, London

Street Piccadilly

The name of the most famous London street received thanks to Robert Baker, who was the largest producer and trader of fashion in the seventeenth century collars Piccadilly. He built the mansion which later became known as Piccadilly hall. His example was followed by a nobleman of London, built luxury homes on this street. Here tried to build their own houses quickly wealthy people from the lower strata of society. Today, the apartments on this street are becoming the richest people on the planet.

Street PiccadillyStreet Piccadilly

Trafalgar square

Tourists arriving in London, don’t miss the opportunity to visit at the Central Trafalgar square. Especially beautiful here during the holidays: you can enjoy various parades and festivals. Here set the main Christmas tree of the UK. Earlier the area was the old stables. In 1820 it was decided to establish the Central square and name it after a sea battle that took place near Cape Trafalgar.

Trafalgar squareTrafalgar square

Madame Tussauds

More than 200 years ago a French woman and a talented sculptor Marie Tussaud began traveling around Europe with a little time on the collection of wax figures. The number of exhibits increases with time, and their location was allocated a building on Baker Street. The Museum enjoyed great popularity demanded expansion. The city authorities have decided to dedicate a collection of wax building located in Marylebone. That is where today you can admire a huge number of wax figures of the most famous people in the history of mankind.

Madame TussaudsMadame Tussauds

The London eye

See the magnificent panorama of the city from the huge Ferris wheel which is called London eye. It stands on the banks of the Thames and striking with its size. The Ferris wheel is equipped with 32 cabins, made in the form of eggs. The capsules are tightly closed and well ventilated. They are made of durable glass that ensures the safety of people who choose to see the beauty of London from the height of bird flight.

The London eyeThe London eye

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Very popular among visitors and residents of London is the Museum of the world’s most famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Despite the fact that the character is fictional, Baker street, recreated to the smallest detail the house, described in the work of the famous English writer Arthur Conan Doyle. In the Museum you can see rooms in which lived the main characters, admire their wax figures. In addition, the attraction for tourists is the house in which organized the exhibition. Built in 1815, it is an architectural and historical value.

The Sherlock Holmes MuseumThe Sherlock Holmes Museum

Skyscraper Merci Ex 30

Modern symbol of the British capital is a skyscraper merci Ex 30, which is popularly known as the «London gherkin» due to its fancy shape. This building, built by the talented architect foster, is one of the most environmentally friendly skyscrapers. With the sophisticated design, it needs consumes 2 times less energy than other similar structures. Everyone can admire the beauty of the lower floors of this majestic designs or popular restaurants, located under the transparent dome of a skyscraper.

Skyscraper Merci Ex 30Skyscraper Merci Ex 30

The Shard

Interesting place to visit is the Shard, which stands in the centre of London. The building won’t violate the unique architecture of the city, it decided to create out of glass and metal. The skyscraper resembles a huge ice block, into the sky, hence its name. The most popular with tourists is the observation deck is a glass pyramid, which can be seen even distant district of a huge city.

The ShardThe Shard

Albert hall

Built in 1871, the famous albert hall today remains the world’s most popular concert hall. Within its walls annually organised more than 350 events. The construction, reminiscent of the Roman Colosseum, required a huge investment in its construction. To finish the construction, Queen Victoria started the sale of tickets for forthcoming events to be held in the albert hall. Thanks to the people who respects the arts concert hall was completed. It is noteworthy that the effect of the tickets is 999 years, and some of the British still use them to visit it hosts events.

The Royal albert hallAlbert hall

Royal Opera house, Covent garden

Impresses with its grandeur, luxurious Royal theatre, located in Covent garden. To visit its famous scene is the dream of every performer in the orchestra. The building was built in 1858. Its predecessors were two celebrated theatre, which was damaged by fire and could not be restored. Before here you can see the view of almost all theatrical genres. Today, the repertoire is limited only by the musical performances: ballets, concerts, operas.

Royal Opera house, Covent gardenRoyal Opera house, Covent garden

Hyde Park

Tourists who are in London, do not miss the opportunity to visit the most popular in London Park. It is a very picturesque place on the territory of which rise from perennial trees, bushes, topiaries and fountains. On the green lawns of Hyde Park is always a lot of tourists. Center of attraction is «speakers Corner», which is the symbol of democracy. Here everyone can share their thoughts and ideas with others.

Hyde ParkHyde Park

London science Museum

In the famous London natural history Museum fascinating can spend time with visitors of all ages. Over 135-year history of its existence the Museum has collected more than 70 million exhibits. The most popular exhibition, which presents dinosaur skeletons. You can also watch a huge collection of meteorites. Even the building itself is fascinating for its magnificent ancient architecture. Located in South Kensington, the Museum is very popular among residents and visitors.

London science MuseumLondon science Museum

Victoria Train Station

In 1862, on the street of Victoria street by the architect V. Henry built a huge train station, which was named in honor of Queen Victoria. This unique structure, built of red brick, in 1910, was renovated and still adorns the city with its unique architecture. Every year it comes around 70 million passengers.

Victoria Train StationVictoria Train Station

Kew Gardens

On an area of 121 hectares in South-West London region stretches a magnificent Botanical gardens, which are considered a world heritage site by UNESCO. There are all conditions for a pleasant stay. On the Royal Botanical gardens you can admire the huge amount of different plants, relax in cafes and restaurants. Kew gardens can also please the huge collections of herbarium specimens, drawings, and seeds.

Sadi QKew Gardens

Wembley Stadium

A symbol of English football is the popular Wembley stadium. No football fan will not miss the opportunity to visit this unique place. Opening of the first building took place in 1923, where he immediately was the start of the Cup of England on football. In 2003 it was decided to build a new stadium, the construction of which took 4 years. Today at the new stadium, in addition to sporting events the performances of the most popular pop stars. It is here delighted the audience with their concerts of Madonna, Michael Jackson and many popular music groups.

Wembley StadiumWembley Stadium


Interesting to visit the Chinese district of London Chinatown. This is a unique place where almost merged the two cultures: Chinese and English. In the early XX century in this disadvantaged area of the city lived outcasts and immigrants who arrived in Britain from other countries. Soon the area was populated by the Chinese, which clearly reflected in his appearance. London’s Chinatown is frequented by tourists wishing to see a bit of China in England.


Globe Theatre

The modern globe theatre is striking in its tragic history. The first version of the building was built in 1599, but after 14 years was badly damaged raged here in 1613 by fire. A year later he was reinstated, but this time it was waiting for a hard life: the building was abandoned and destroyed. Contemporary architects, having studied ancient descriptions of the theatre and fragments found during the excavations, reconstructed the house. In this place was organized the production of his works of the great Shakespeare.

Globe TheatreGlobe Theatre

Tate Britain gallery

Lovers of high art should definitely visit the Tate gallery in London, where the works of the best British artists. The first exhibition appeared here in 1897. The Board of Trustees it was decided to present only the works of artists who have worked since 1790. In the early twentieth century the gallery has decided to significantly expand, creating a collection of works by foreign artists. Here are sculptures of prominent contemporary artists.

Tate Britain galleryTate Britain gallery

Street Oxford street

Paradise is Oxford street for people who carefully follow fashion. This street has about 500 different stores that are visited annually by more than 100 million Londoners and visitors alike. Here you can see the work of famous fashion designers are represented in boutiques of the most prestigious brands. This street is especially popular around the holidays, when all aspire to shopping in search of gifts for family and friends.

Street Oxford streetStreet Oxford street

Church Temple

Extremely rich history associated with the knights Templars, the temple Church. It was founded in 1185, and since her wall is witnessing the development of London. This historic stately home held a secret ceremony, during which was held a knighting. In this Church and today services are held, during which you can listen to the singing of the choir, consisting of 30 people. In the courtyard of the Church are magnificent gardens extending to the banks of the Thames.

Church TempleChurch Temple

This is only a small part of the London attractions that will interest all travelers. Photos and descriptions of these places will give you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the diverse and beautiful capital of the UK. This city is an example of how we need to appreciate their history, be proud of it and store to convey the rich heritage of future generations.

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