Lifting work from A to z, or simple solutions for complex problems

The concept of lifting work includes much more than simple loading and unloading operations. Dismantling, moving, lifting, fixing, loading, unloading, assembling the large and significant on the weight of the items – it is the term «rigging».

Where to start and where to go?

The first thing to understand when should lifting work and how they differ from normal loading and unloading. These differences are quite significant:

  • Rigging is carried out with use of special devices, machinery, fixtures and tools (hoists, winches, lifting platforms, forklift trucks, chains, slings, ropes, carabiners, hooks and the like);
  • In contrast to the simple loading and unloading and lifting work produced under the guidance of highly qualified specialists with the involvement of additional experts in the field of installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment. This provides a clear organization of the process safety and the safety of expensive objects move;
  • Lifting work is a holistic range of services-from budgeting and technical calculations to the obligations of the parties under the contract.

Thus, rigging services demanded in the market and is an innovative integrated service.

That carried, or the cases are different

Services of specialized companies for the organization of lifting operations include moving:

  • industrial equipment from machinery and workbenches to complete production lines and industrial complexes;
  • high-tech medical, printing, vending and other types of equipment;
  • large musical instruments, statues, monuments, furniture;
  • safes and Bank equipment;
  • non-standard cargoes for the population, enterprises and organizations.

It should be noted that when moving certain categories of expensive equipment and sensitive computer equipment, it is recommended to arrange the cargo insurance.

Whom to trust and to believe?

When choosing a company engaged in the provision of rigging services, it is necessary first to analyse the experience of its work in the market and level of professionalism. Another important factor is the company’s own fleet of special equipment, necessary facilities and equipment. Sometimes it’s useful to communicate with customers of the carrier and read customer testimonials at specialized sites on the Internet.

Thus, the rigging is exactly the case, when the miser pays twice, so do not skimp on this expenditure.

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