Laser engraving: make a regular thing original!

To do any thing interesting and unique, adding to her personality. To apply a phrase, a drawing, congratulations on any surface helps laser engraving. The laser can draw the image on the smallest of objects with high precision technology does not harm the surface, so often used for signature jewelry, logo clothing, various household items, gifts, laptops, mobile phones, metal and wood surfaces.

How to use the engraving?

You can make an original gift to a loved one, ordering for him the laser engraving on the gift, and our store offers a wide range of such services. With us you can enjoy high quality accurate engraving, and we apply image, inscriptions, coats of arms, patterns of any degree of complexity. You can order the original product for the greeting engraving on any items, whether it be wood, glass, plastic or metal. Link to our resource will make finding services.

With a laser you can create interesting decorative elements for the interior, make cell phone or laptop individual to put a dog’s collar, sign a piece of jewellery, a pen or accessory. Popular mugs, coasters, menus with symbols of restaurants, businesses.

Our company

The company CityGrav well-known on the Moscow market. We offer quality professional services at affordable prices. We were drawn a large number of customers who are satisfied with quality of services. We decorate gifts for wedding, birthday, anniversary, performed engraving on any surface. If you are tired of boring old jewelry made of leather, you can refresh it by adding the original inscription or a picture. Laser engraved leather is in demand among motorcyclists adorning the seats, saddlebags and other accessories for your iron horse.

Our specialists have extensive experience and advise you on matters of interest. We use modern high-precision equipment that allows to move on the surface of the product with any image. We also provide thermal transfer images.

Our advantages

  • Turning to us, you will receive a detailed consultation after which you will not have issues regarding work.
  • We offer reasonable prices: they are much lower than those of competitors.
  • The high quality of services.
  • In the case of marriage you will not have to pay for the work.
  • Quick execution of orders.
  • Undertake work of any size.
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