«Lada Vesta»: engine, transmission, chassis

In this review we will focus only on the most important nodes and aggregates «News». It is the engine, transmission and suspension of the car. The reliability of the car is judged on quality of execution of these three elements. If the machine «does not go», all other systems are irrelevant.

The concept


«Lada Vesta» is equipped with a single four-cylinder engine VAZ-21129″. For city and travel with family it is enough. Working engine capacity of 1596 cm3 and delivers power-106 K. S., at torque of 148 Nm. This motor is the result of modernization of the engine «VAZ-21127», which is set to «Kalina», «Priora» and «Grant». But this unit was the result of improvements, 16-valve engine VAZ-21126″. This evolution allows the engineers easy to understand a possible fault and, if necessary, to purchase spare parts in any city in the country.

The engine «VAZ-21129» was modified to comply with requirements of «Euro-V»: the control unit has received the new settings, improved lubrication system, modified suspension system of the engine, retuned intake system and release, and other minor changes. These improvements allowed to reduce the volume, level of vibration and improve the elasticity of the installation, which positively affected the comfort of the driver. The timing remains the same, with a belt transmission.

In the near future Vesta will get a new motor «VAZ-21179 122 HP with a working volume of 1.8 liters, which is already running in production.



The vehicle is equipped with mechanical and robotic gearbox. Five-speed manual transmission borrowed from the French partners of the plant «AVTOVAZ». These units are mounted on «Renault Symbol», «Sandero», «Twingo», «Clio II» and «Logan». For «News» that box is slightly modernized.

Robotic gearbox remodel steel and left in the previous version, which is familiar to the Russian motorists on models «Grant» and «prior». It was developed on the basis of VAZ checkpoint, which received additional elements: a controller and two actuators from the factory «ZF» (Germany). These elements and took the trouble to squeeze the clutch and shift gears. This transmission, like other robotized transmission with single-plate clutch, has a number of inherent disadvantages, the main of which is a pause when shifting. This is due to the principle of operation of such boxes when you need to disconnect the drive from the engine, as in a manual transmission. According to the manufacturer, it takes more than 1.7 seconds. Accordingly, the dynamics of acceleration at the option of a «robot» is significantly lower than that of mechanics. Significantly hampers the management of «robot» the lack of paddles shifter. When working in manual mode you have to constantly pull the lever that is slightly different from mechanics.

Of course, robotic box is much easier mechanical at the expense of squeezing the clutch and change gears without driver intervention, but to compare it with the full machine is also wrong.

It looks like the car engine


A typical modern car suspension McPherson-type» in the «West» is a little modified. Here used a-arm and L-shaped. This design is lighter and provides good handling and comfort. Also the steering rack changed its location, it is now higher than on other models of «AVTOVAZ».

Type rear suspension – semi-independent beam. The fixing point is shifted closer to her body, which allowed to slightly increase the trunk.

In the end, the suspension «News» received the optimum balance between roadholding and comfort.

Brakes (disc front and drum rear) are working adequately. Anti-lock braking system comes into action gently. Stabilization system in a timely manner kicks in when skidding of the vehicle and clearly distributes the braking force between the wheels. Also it is able to reduce engine torque. Stabilization system if necessary can be disabled.

In fact, the «Lada Vesta» is a modern, reliable, well-equipped car that will not get lost among the competitors.

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