Key features moisture-resistant drywall

The main drawback of the above mentioned places is a great fragility of the material.

Moisture-resistant drywall

Moisture-resistant drywall can be immediately identified by its appearance. Unlike other types of it is enclosed in the paper green.

After its installation, the surface should be further treated waterproof paint or primer to improve its ability to resist moisture and increase durability.

Often during installation, you can face the problem of which side to attach the leaves. To make it easier to handle, they are special edges. Letters are drafted, then to make it easier to seal the seams. In General, it is customary to mount such a way that more light side was on the outside.

Important role in the decision to use moisture resistant drywall is the presence of good ventilation in the room. Since only under this condition is the qualitative impact of the accumulated moisture.

Moisture-resistant drywall

A great advantage over other materials for alignment of the walls is that the drywall does not require any special skills. It can be installed independently without the involvement of specialists, thereby significantly saving funds. Plasterboard fixed either with glue, or by using special screws to the metal profile or wooden frame. Joints and indentations from screws are aligned with putty, after drying by grinding.

After all these manipulations, the drywall is ready for final clearance. Here all depends on imagination of the owner. It can be Wallpaper, ceramic tile, mosaic, normal staining.

Moisture-resistant drywall

If the design includes installation of a curved design, the sheet of drywall you must first wet and soften after it to make the desired shape. To wait for complete solidification and to continue the installation.

Thus, the choice of this type of plasterboard depends on what and where to do.

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