Many companies specializing in tourism, rental and rafting on the rivers on kayaks, both single lovers and groups. Overcoming more than a dozen kilometers on the waterways, is an excellent way to devote time and fishing, swim in the clear water, enjoy fresh soup around the campfire. Implementation rafting event from the category of extreme, and therefore requires some careful preparation. A positive result is determined by weather conditions, level of training of each group.


Despite the previously existing traditions this kind of competition as only sport in the modern tourism it has become a popular pastime for many visitors, which brings considerable income to the organizers.


Safety rules in the rental of swimming facilities must adhere to. Individual participation allowed tourists above the age of eighteen. Young participants must have adult chaperones and a medical certificate of clearance.


On the eve of the thrills, unexpected moments, even if the river is characterized as calm, you should soberly assess their capabilities. This primarily refers to those who complains:

  • cardiovascular system;
  • not sufficiently stable psychological and physical condition;
  • peptic ulcer disease attacks.

To carry out the alloy so tourists are not recommended. At the same time, there are cases when people who have limited options, fairly well overcame alloy at the dangerous and treacherous rivers.

Tasks and training

The main challenge in water access for the novice hiker is the right choice an experienced instructor with a high reputation, and rafting should only be in his presence.


To comply strictly with the river advice is a guarantee of safety and effectiveness of experience. Therefore, any reputable travel company, after listening to the lectures on the rules and safety on the water, every client should leave their signature in a special journal.

Performing the main task of the kayak group alloy (in any condition to keep his ship afloat, not allowing him to roll over), you must follow these rules:

  1. On the eve of the alloy to obtain information about the high-speed flow regime of a river selected for the trip.
  2. Data on the water temperature and weather.
  3. Characteristics with existing shoals in the lower reaches.


Managing kayak

Assistance in the choice of boats is the responsibility of the instructor assigned to this group. Considering the objectives of the commercial alloy: extreme descent down the river a small group of people (up to 3 people) or active family entertainment on the water, the kayak should be comfortable and maneuverable, easy to transport.

Experienced tourists prefer kayaks brand-name models from reliable manufacturers like:

  • frame kayaks «Svir»;
  • inflatable «Severyanka-42», «Waterfall-2»;
  • frame inflatable «Vuoksi» and «Ladoga».



At an alloy on the river required equipment in the stock will not interfere, because the aquatic environment will be felt throughout. Rent-a-additional complement participants ‘ life jackets, protective helmets. These necessary items are always needed for compliance with personal safety. If water ride will take a long time, without tents, mats, sleeping bags camping is not enough.

When choosing shoes, clothes, best camping equipment for the water. To money, documents and valuables, use waterproof packing, for example, polyethylene or rubberized fabric.

A well-designed preparation to the rafting along the river studied in detail the route of the waterway, the discipline, the care of each participant – is half the success of planned activities.

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