Ivan the terrible put a monument

Ivan the terrible put a monument

A monument to king was erected in the town. On opening there arrived the Governor of the region. He noted the achievements of Ivan IV, the ruler called the gatherer of Russian territories.

The place for the monument was not chosen by chance. It was here, at the confluence of the Oka and the Orlik in 1566 the town was laid out eagle. Its founder is considered to Tsar Ivan the terrible.

The opening of the monument stirred up a wave of public unrest. A group of activists took to the streets to protest against the construction of a monument to the king. In their opinion, Ivan IV was a very controversial figure, so the installation of his statues is a big mistake.

The Minister of education also noted that the identity of the king and his record is very mixed. But the authorities decided to immortalize his face in stone to show that they are willing to take all the stages of Russian history.

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