It is possible to realize a dream? Practice and analysis of the environment on the reality

Each person spends in a dream most of his life. A sleeping man can see different dreams that solve a particular problem in reality. It is through sleep that we get the information we need. However, to control events and situations that unfold in a dream, only a handful. Today there is a practice that helps a person to realize a dream. This allows you to control his actions and not be a puppet, it is possible to control the dream plot.

How to achieve this? In this article we bring you 10 best ways to realize a dream. You can choose one of the methods that best suit you. But it is necessary to consider one nuance – in order to get the expected results, it is recommended to repeat the exercise every day for two weeks.

Effective ways of self-awareness in a dream

  1. The test of reality. You can do a little test. To do this, every time you go to the toilet, to read small text or look at the time to show your digital wrist watch. Then you need to do the arbitrary rotation of the head, and re-read the text or watch the clock. When you sleep, the test can also be carried out. Confirmation that you are sleeping, it will change the value. That is, can change the text or the time after the turn of the head. When you finally realize that everything you see is not reality, you can easily control your dream.
  2. Tips. You can ask your friend to help you. When you start to fall asleep, he should say aloud: «You sleep!». In the dream you will hear a recognizable voice and realize that you are in an active phase of sleep.
  3. Samonastroj. This method is that you need to intentionally tell myself throughout the day, you will experience a lucid dream is certainly tonight. The essence of this samonastroe? The fact is that when we give the installation of your subconscious, it will come included in the moment when you need it.
  4. Self-awareness in proselochnoy condition, when consciousness is awake, but the body is still in sleep mode. In this condition the person usually is in the morning, less at night. He is characterized by features such as the buzz, the vibration throughout the body, sometimes numbness of the limbs. At this moment you can realize that you are still asleep, and you can control the plot.
  5. Try every day for 15-20 time to ask yourself: «am I asleep?». Thus it is not necessary to immediately give an answer, you need to think logically, to look around, to touch familiar objects. If you do sleep and see something strange, ask yourself the question, try to assess what is happening and explain why it is happening.
  6. Another interesting way – try to spin on the spot. As a rule, in the dream, it is impossible not to move.
  7. If you see a mirror, look into it. If you see even the most clear dream, the reflection in the mirror will still be blurred.
  8. Try to pierce his palm with the other hand, if you do, you sleep. And realizing that dreaming, you can control it.
  9. Try to turn off/turn on the light if you are indoors. Usually in the dream might not work the switch or unlikely to work, as in reality.

10. You can try another way. It is that you need to scroll in the head of the event, which was yesterday or a few days ago. If you can’t remember it suggests that you sleep.

These methods of lucid dreaming are not exhaustive. There are many other exercises that can help to realize your stay in the dream. However, this basic list, and it includes very effective techniques. Try one of them in practice, maybe you’ll get to understand themselves in a dream for the first time.


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