It is better to bring from Portugal in memory?

Portugal is a country of forests, vineyards and beautiful masterpieces of architectural art. All the attractions that deserve the attention of travelers, simply do not count. Therefore, in order not to confuse this diversity, it is desirable to make an excursion route and a plan of entertainment. Considerable help could be useful website that is a kind of guide to Portugal.

Souvenirs from Portugal in the form of a cock

Whatever study program is not preferred, is guaranteed an unforgettable experience. But there is one important aspect is the selection of shopping for memory. Things with the image of the symbol of the country – rooster, don’t count and are purchased by tourists, as a rule, by default. The image of this bird can be found anywhere: on utensils, clothing, toys, decorations, interior items, etc. Many products are in a ethnic context. In this article we will talk about what to bring in addition to traditional Souvenirs and gifts.

Cheese from Portugal

One of the priorities of the industry in Portugal is growing. Therefore, connoisseurs of high-quality alcohol, it is compulsory to pay attention to local wines, liqueurs and port. The latter is very popular not only in Portugal but also abroad. In addition, it produces unique varieties of green wine Casal Garcia and Gatao, which is made from grapes of incomplete maturity.

Food is a separate issue. Good advice – enjoy the masterpieces of the national cuisine during the trip. And you can bring home olive oil, coffee, spices, cheese and, of course, candy. Portuguese coffee coffee has long been known gourmets and appreciated them on a par with the Brazilian. And the pastries are able to conquer the hearts of not only the tooth, but also people who are indifferent to such studies. The assortment of cheese here is an enviable taste and variety. This hard cheese from sheep’s milk, liquid cheese inside the solid cheese rind, cheese from goat and cow milk Cheese, etc. in this country one of the main food products and is considered by tourists a true gastronomical souvenir. But, of course, is not all that famous for Portugal, as there are many other interesting articles.

Cork handbags Portugal

Special charm have clay and porcelain, hand-painted, and ceramic tiles, called Azulejos. These miniature works of art will be a great decoration of any interior and is well suited for memory.

The Portuguese Republic holds a leading position in the world in the processing of cork bark, so it is logical that a huge proportion of products for different purposes is there is of traffic. And clothing, shoes and various accessories (wallets, bags, etc.) of this material are of high quality and long life. Therefore, such a purchase is a great choice for those along with beauty appreciates practicality. A great souvenir for friends can be a cork postcard.

Green wine from Portugal

In Portugal the prices are quite reasonable for clothes, so if you want you can diversify your wardrobe with original clothes from wool or leather. By the way, the leather products are excellent quality. Also it is not superfluous to pay attention to the textile with original embroidery and various ornaments.

Souvenirs from Portugal

In General, the choice of purchase depends on the tastes and sympathies the travellers themselves and financial opportunities. As mentioned above, if funds are available, a great purchase will be shoes and accessories made of cork or leather, clothing of wool and textiles. If serious shopping is in the plans not included, can be limited to classical souvenir, ceramics, handmade soap, postcards, etc. In any case, even insignificant at first glance a trifle, brought from the trip will embody memories of vacations spent in the charming and unique of Portugal.

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