Istanbul – the Oriental tale of the three seas

Perhaps, the happy city, if you take into account its location on the map. On the one hand, the Mediterranean sea, on the other – marble, with the third – Black plus the Bosphorus and the Golden horn. All of these geographical benefits are given to Istanbul – a city with an ancient history that starts from the 7th century BC. Today Istanbul is the largest and very important city for Turkey. He is not only famous for tourism. It is also a major port where slivayutsya traders from around the world.

The Capital Of Turkey Istanbul

The beauty of the city

As this ancient city, the buildings that remain from that time abound. In General Istanbul is one of the monuments: fortresses, Byzantine churches and mosques, palaces and castles, bazaars. It is worth noting the outdoors, especially in winter: winter in Istanbul is divine, its beauty is not inferior to Russian. But most tourists make a choice in favor of Hagia Sophia – an ancient building with original frescoes. Nearby is the Blue mosque – it is newer, but no less interesting. Almost all the churches are allowed to take pictures.

The Sights Of Istanbul

Istanbul has 14 mosques, so there is a popular pilgrimage. Such palaces like Dolmabahce Topcap and rather reminiscent of European architecture, but the Rumeli fortress already gives an Asian twist. To walk alone in such places will not allow safety still the old building and not very durable. But you can go as many local bazaars – Egyptian, Kapali Carsi. They work even at night. Souvenirs are abundant: gorgeous carpets, exquisite hookahs, copper and brass products. However, many people visit these bazaars in cheap gold jewelry. Also do not miss the opportunity to ride on the historic tram. It’s a local pastime for tourists on the tram the old model.

The Turkish city of Istanbul


In Istanbul you can freeze, even if you are from Russia.

It is considered that Turkey is always hot, but it is not. Rarely in summer, when the temperature exceeds 35 degrees. It lasts, on average, at around 28. Spring is dry and soft. All this is due to great humidity, so breathe easy there. But in the autumn there are sudden changes that have an adverse impact on tourists who are ethnically not adapted to such attacks of nature. Winter warm – 3 or 5 degrees, but with the rains. There are snowy winters in Istanbul. By the way, very beautiful sight – the snow and advertising glare. So the town is very windy and cold as it is in Sebastopol in November. The best time to travel to Istanbul – from may to October, when you can swim in the sea.

The markets of Istanbul in Turkey

What to eat in Istanbul and how to behave in this city?

In Turkey meat. As this country is considered Muslim, then eat there is lamb, beef and poultry. All this is prepared on open fire and served in spices with various sauces. As already mentioned, Istanbul is a port city, there is the sea, and therefore sea fish and other shrimp and oysters. In any house of a local resident from a distance to distinguish the good fish from the bad. Sweets, nuts in sugar, fruit in syrup, Turkish delight, sherbet, cookies and cakes an integral part of the Turkish table. And are all these dishes are very cheap, and beautiful iron box pack. From drinks – tea or coffee. By the way, sampling the local beverage, many Russian tourists back home can’t drink coffee or tea from the Russian shops, because the taste is different.

Restorani I cafe Istanbul

Behave in Istanbul, tourists are advised cautiously and modestly, especially women’s clothing. For bad behavior (Smoking on the street, swearing or outright laughter) can be arrested and be fined a significant amount. Even if the couple will walk holding hands, and they will not have the rings, then the government can force them to marry at the Embassy. Otherwise, all the lovers away!

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