Interesting facts about toys

Modern children do not have to miss. In shops there are always new toys. Many of them enjoy playing adults. For example, a talking hamster who fell in love not only children. And if you remember Lego, popular designer, you can collect at any age. We offer you to learn interesting facts about the toys.

Teddy bear

Plushevii vedmedik

Many favorite boys toy in the US is called a Teddy bear. This clumsy name was in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt for his kindness during the hunt. The President suggested after a chase for beasts to shoot a bear that was wounded. Referring to the fact that it received a Theodore pitied the animal. The bear still killed, so he didn’t suffer. The next day the Newspapers were filled with cartoons related to this case. And later issued Teddy bears, called Teddy. They are loved by many children and popular to this day.

The first Soviet bear was born in 1894. Year appearance still can be seen on the cloth, which is attached to the paw of the toy. The bear became the mascot of one of the families, so they pass it on from generation to generation.

An interesting fact about the toy is associated with the record, which established the bear-traveler. Wrongly postal service he overcame 329 thousand miles and managed to visit many countries. So bear managed to visit twice in Mexico and in Australia came 5 times. Only 3 years plush toy reached the addressee.

Barbie Doll

Barbie Doll

The author of the favourite of all girls Handrail Ruth named the doll after her daughter. Groom Barbie Ken got the name of the son of Ruth. This doll is the most popular and best-selling in the world. There are many variations. For example, pregnant Barbie, with a wide waist and even in a wheelchair. There are 15 varieties.

Toilet doll would envy any fashionista. Her invented and created over 1,000 outfits and accessories. The most expensive Barbie costs 100 thousand dollars, her dress decorated with real diamonds. And the most popular all time was the Barbie whose hair to toe.



It turns out that a simple toy belongs to the most ancient inventions. Mention two discs that are fastened together and pry on the rope for the first time found in the records of Ancient Greece. Filipinos have adapted to use it as a weapon.

An interesting fact about the toy is that yo-yo is a favorite pastime of Elton John. It is shiny and decorated with stars. One of the sides of the yo-yo has a picture of a clown, and the second contains Chinese characters symbolizing luck and happiness.



If you count the number of parts that have been released by the manufacturer, then every citizen of the country will have 52 cube. Lego is a leader in manufacture of tires, really a toy. For the year out of more than 300 million copies.

A constructor is a useful toy that develops a child’s patience, diligence, and ingenuity. From the same Lego bricks you can collect various figures. Of the 6 items you can create about 120 million different combinations.

Popular toys are overgrown with legends and interesting facts. This does not make them less popular, interesting stories even more fueled interest in small and large buyers.

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