Interesting facts about Japan

The land of the rising sun at the same time delights and surprises the tourists. In addition to the unusual architecture, beautiful parks, national cuisine, Japan can affect their customs. Commonplace for local residents, things seem strange and incomprehensible. Consider the most interesting facts about Japan.

Low social benefits

Troubled Japanese pension age receive monthly a small amount. It is assumed that in old age people should take care of themselves. The maximum payment is about $ 200.

Work in Japanese

To come to the service at the time of its inception in Japan is considered bad manners. In its place the staff needs to be half an hour before the working day. This is perhaps the only country where a large percentage of people die from alterations. There is even a special diagnosis called «karoshi». Literally, this term means death from overwork.


Local TV mostly shows the transfer associated with food preparation. Lovers of meat and fish products can safely go to Japan. They are not expensive. But vegetarians will have a hard time. For example, one Apple will cost $ 2, and some 5 bananas. The most expensive is considered the fruit of the melon, its cost is over $ 200.


The first traffic signals in Japan consisted of three colors: red, yellow and blue. The last shade was subsequently replaced by green. But the Japanese, as before, the call allows the color of the traffic light «blue.»

Japanese drivers adhere to etiquette on the roads. Stopping at the crossroads in the evening, they turn off the lights of their cars. It’s not the economy, so drivers take care to not blind oncoming drivers.

Everything is under control

In Japan, the technique to be at the highest level. In order to avoid panic during disasters or emergency events mobile phones each user is issued a distinct signal. If the sound device is disabled, then a message comes with detailed instructions on what to do in unusual situations.


The age of consent in Japan begins from the age of 13. This means that from this moment on, the girl can engage in sexual relations. Pornography in the stalls allotted to special regiments. In large stores under hentai dedicated entire floors. To buy this product can even minor.

Japan cannot compare with other countries. It is completely original and unlike any other state. Want to learn more facts, go to this amazing country and make unexpected discoveries.

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