Interesting facts about hockey

Hockey is one of the most popular and spectacular sports. In the United States, Canada and Finland, he has much more interest than football or tennis. The majority of people about hockey pretty stereotypical: on the ice rink running around with sticks a huge louts in helmets and powerful outfit, sweeps away all in its path with the goal to send the puck. At first glance, it looks that way. But hockey, like any sport, fraught with many interesting and familiar to the General public the nuances and features of historical and scientific facts. It’s time to discover the most informative of them!


The first ice hockey match recorded in history took place in Montreal, Canada in the spring of 1875. Then the teams played to 9 people, the puck was wooden, and protective gear – baseball.

Setka-na-vorotah-v hokke of

First on ice hockey goalkeeper wasn’t mesh. This time has caused a lot of debate about what was a goal or not, because not everyone is able to see reliably, flew whether the puck. In 1900 at the gate for the first time established a grid, and the problem was solved.

Pervaya-v-istorii-professionalnaya-hokkeynaya team

The first ever professional hockey team was organized in the same Montreal in 1904 the Number of players per team was reduced to 6, and for playgrounds, has established a standard size of 56 x 26 m, relevant (with minor variations) to this day.


By 1914, to start or resume the game, the puck was placed on the center, but because of frequent injuries, the referee began to throw.


Hockey player replacement was first used in 1910, the bullet (the free-kick without the protection) – in 1934


The famous national Hockey League (NHL) was organized in 1917.


To react to the shot with a distance of 18 m, the goalkeeper has no more than 0.5 seconds.

Triple Gold Club

«Triple Golden Club» — an honorary club, which includes players who have won the Stanley Cup, winter Olympics and the world Cup.

Martin BrodYo

In the nearly 100-year history of the NHL scored goals 7 different goalies. On account of the 9 punches. Ron Hextall and Martin Brodie scored at 2 times, the last became the first and only goalkeeper, who scored the winning goal!


The legendary Lev Yashin was not only an outstanding football goalkeeper. From 1950 to 1953, he played for hockey club «Dynamo» (Moscow), winning the USSR Cup and bronze medals of the championship. Then Yashin was considered the main candidate on a post of the goalkeeper of the hockey team of the Soviet Union, but decided to fully concentrate on a football career.

Martin BrodYo-The Stanley Cup

And in the end the goalie theme comic episode. The aforementioned goalkeeper-scorer Martin Brody out of the club «New Jersey Devils» won with the team in 2000, the Stanley Cup, then for joy went with him to the cinema and used prestigious a bowl as a container for popcorn!


In hockey there is a highly honorable personal achievement – a hat-trick Gordy Howe. This is when one player throughout the match scored the puck, makes good pass and participates actively in fighters! Named this kind of combination in honor of the famous Gordie Howe, who was a great scorer, and he started a brawl with pleasure.

Sama-vmestitelnaya-hockey na-arena

Paradoxically, but the most capacious arena is not based in the U.S. and in Canada. In 2000, in the Japanese city of Saitama Prefecture opened a huge Palace of sports, able to accommodate up to 23,000 spectators! Spends their games the national team of Japan on hockey, and, although the Japanese are far from the top in the ranking of hockey teams, every time a hall Packed to capacity.

Led after-hokkeynoy site

Too thick ice prevents the slide at high speed, so at the rink its thickness often 7-10 cm


A hockey puck is made of vulcanized rubber and weighs 200 g. to ensure that in the process of the game, she was still firm and not springy, before they freeze it.


Interestingly, the first rubber washer had a square shape with rounded corners.


To fill a hockey rink in standard sizes need to 50 tons of water. The ice is not updated at every match – it is enough for 2-3 games. To restore the ice surface using a special machine – resurfacer.

The city-a big difference-V is schyot

A little bit about the records. The biggest difference in the score between the teams in the official matches were recorded in 1987: men’s South Korea national team destroyed opponents from Thailand with a score of 92:0. But there are also women’s hockey. In 2008, Slovakia’s women’s national team in qualifiers for the Olympics abused Bulgaria 82:0! On average, the puck flew into the gate of Bulgarians every 45 seconds!


NHL rules prohibit players to drink alcohol and aspirin.


Hockey is a very traumatic sport. Time does not protect and outfit with helmet. More than 80% of the players lost during the career at least 1 tooth was the dissection of the head and face, but the canadian goalkeeper Clint Malarchuk a skate blade cut a vein in the neck, and only Herculean efforts by a skilled provider of it managed to save!

The Stanley Cup is named in honor of the canadian Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley bought the Cup strange in London for 10 guineas.

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