Interesting facts about beer

There is good reason to believe beer is the oldest alcoholic drink on Earth. In any case, historians and archaeologists proved that the Ancient Babylon and Ancient Egypt, this drink already knew. Perhaps that is why the archaeologists do not mind to sentence the bottle.

Contemporaries of the pyramids

The fact of the antiquity of beer proven recent discovery in Egypt of the tomb of the master of brewing. He lived over 1200 years BC. Their products artisan supplied the temple for the rituals of goddess worship in Heaven, which proves to make beer under the heavenly patronage.


But the Babylonians not only liked beer, but was concerned about its quality. So making bad beer here was considered a serious crime. The perpetrator solder defective product death or drowned in it. Punishment was provided for those who dilutes the foamy water.

City, freedom and beer

In medieval Europe there was a proverb: «town air makes man free». Meant that the dependent peasant, the fugitive, spent some time in town, became independent from his master. But that’s what makes a city a city?


It turns out beer. In any case, it was in the Czech Republic. To be considered a town, the settlement had to have its own judicial system, customs and brewery.

It is not surprising that the Czechs followed the quality of this product. To assess compliance, there was a special «state quality control». Special officials, dressed in leather pants, visiting pubs and Breweries. There they were put on the bench, pre-poured beer, and handed the full mug. If, in the middle, they were able to rise easily from the bench, the beer was recognized as defective. If glued – high-quality.


But sometimes enterprising people were able to benefit from spoiled beer. In the XI century the monks of the Weihenstephan sent the Pope a sample of beer that is produced in their monastery. They wanted to obtain permission for the use of the drink during lent. Until a messenger reached Rome, the beer had time to turn sour. Dad tried, and gave permission to the monks to drink it whenever you want, as the use of this muck gluttony to admit, no way.

Modern masterpieces

Belgian brewers can be considered the founders of non-alcoholic beer. In the 60-ies of the last century, they began to produce beer with the fortress of yogurt – about 1.5% alcohol. It even offered in school cafeterias. But later the product was still supplanted the cosmopolitan Cola.


By the way, that beer gave rise to the idea of flushing water. John.Priestley (XVIII century), trying to figure out why beer foams, aerated water, placing the container on a keg of beer.

The Japanese managed to cook a solid beer (or rather, the consistency of jelly). For this purpose, use special fruit thickeners. Finally, today, there are many technical devices for those who like to drink cold beer in the nature. This individual system of the spill, and portable coolers.

But drinking is still harmful!

This made the London in 1814, when the accident at the beer factory flooded city streets. Bathed in beer Church killed several people.


Confirm the danger of the abuse of beer can and the rats of Zambia. And leave the houses at night lures out of beer with milk. Morning «fun» of rodents can be taken with bare hands.

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