Instant power increase of the car

Familiar from movies and computer games a way to dramatically pick up speed, by including a supply of nitrous oxide into the combustion chamber, is not an invention of the screenwriters. Currently, this technology is widely used in drag racing. So, this article is devoted to consideration of the principles of operation, maintenance and varieties of nitro boosts.

The acceleration of the car engine

The use of nitrous oxide to achieve high density of the combustible mixture entering the combustion chamber due to substantial cooling is drawn from the atmosphere air. Contributes to the growth in the level of oxygen needed for effective combustion.

The essence of the process of power gain

At the moment of detonation of the combustible mixture, the temperature in the combustion chamber begins to increase rapidly, this leads to the fact that the atomic bond between nitrogen and oxygen disappear, therefore, there is additional material for combustion. Hence, the more oxygen will appear in the combustion chamber at the time of the compression stroke, the more intense will be the combustion mixture, and therefore allocated a larger amount of heat energy that is significantly stronger impact on the speed of movement of the piston. This is the essence of the system.

The acceleration of the car engine

Principal systems nitrous oxide

Nitro boosts are usually classified according to the method of supplying the nitrous in the engine. Today there are three technologies:

1) «Dry» system. When using the appropriate complex nitrous oxide does not fall into the intake manifold, and only serves to discharge pressure at the injectors to increase the amount of incoming fuel, or increases the injection time, in connection with a change in the proportions of the mixture, which reacts to the engine control unit to the relevant teams.

2) «Wet» system. The most suitable for engines equipped with turbocharging, and a specially designed intake manifold. The introduction of nitrous oxide occurs in conjunction with the main fuel in a region located before the throttle plate.

The acceleration of the car engine, like in the movie

3) Direct injection of nitrous oxide. The main feature of this technology is the ability of a point injection of a certain amount of fuel and nitrous directly into the combustion chamber of the cylinder. Direct injection system boasts a very substantial power output, along with other types of nitro boosts. Correct the firmware of the engine control unit will provide an opportunity to apply the optimal amount of fuel and nitrous oxide into the corresponding cylinder through the available nozzles separated from each other, the nozzles. From all of the above, we can conclude that the multicomponent nature of the system, which entails a complicated process of installation and adjustment of the control element.

Thus, the choice of accelerator nitrous oxide must be carefully considered to meet the necessary characteristics to meet the requirements of fire safety, as well as units of the car must be properly prepared to work with nitro boosts, since its use greatly reduces the life of the engine.

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