Incredible facts in the world

In human history there are facts and circumstances that for a long time remain in memory of people and do not fit into the usual framework. The most interesting and unusual achievements are collected in one book, the Guinness Book of records. But even she is not able to accommodate an incredible facts in the world about which you hear.


Scientists can not answer the question of why in the world periodically people are born with unusual abnormalities. Few of these people become famous due to his unforgettable appearance. But the girl who was born in 1880 in Georgia, was not only world famous, but even starred in the movie.

Minnie Woolsey (the name of the girl) was born with a syndrome Sekela. This rare disease involves dwarfism, developmental delays and small head with a nose like a bird’s beak. Due to illness, Minnie was still bald, and it seemed that ahead of the girl does not expect anything good. But thanks to one showman, who had the so-called «circus freaks», Minnie was saved and even became famous.

girl bird

But a turning point in a girl’s life-the birds were shooting the movie «Freaks» in 1932. Dressed in a bird costume, Minnie was the highlight of the film, and it has forever fixed the nickname «Koo Koo». According to some reports Minnie to 72 years took part in the exhibition of abnormal people.

The oldest pound in the world

Among the motorists there is hardly a people, who have pulled away evokes positive emotions. But a Parking lot view would have wanted many. It is located in Naples. The king of the two Sicilies, Ferdinand of Bourbon, wanted to build a tunnel at a depth of 45 meters. This occurred in 1853. The monarch was worried for their safety, as in Naples at that time was a strong revolutionary sentiment. But he died a natural death, but the tunnel and was abandoned unfinished.

the oldest pound in the world

Directly under the Central part of Naples are buried many cars and motorcycles pre-war production. After the Second World war the tunnel was sealed nearly 60 years.

Betty Butler – age extreme is not a hindrance

Every person has a dream, which he carries through life. But many never have the courage to bring it to life. What can be said about the 95-year-old resident of the U.S. state of Indiana. It turns out that the woman’s lifelong dream to jump with a parachute, but somehow it did not work. Caring children and grandchildren decided to make a gift to Betty for her 95th birthday. And brave pensioner refused and still fulfilled his desire, in spite of such advanced age.

Butler Page

Indonesian traditions

On the island of Sulawesi in 1905 there is one very unusual tradition. It turns out that in order to Express respect for the dead relatives, Indonesians every year dig them from their graves. Among the locals, there are even original contests: who the relative is better dressed, he is the winner. But it doesn’t stop there – the obligatory end of ceremony becomes family.

the tradition in Indonesia

Michaela – star «Instagramm»

This girl has unusual appearance, which exactly replicates the facial features of the character of the famous computer game. It is attracted to its page thousands of subscribers, among whom even such famous personalities like Justin Bieber. Among its subscribers are still disputes about such phenomenal similarity and find the cause and failed. But the mystery only adds to the girl of popularity.

Micaela computer game character

Giant from West Java – Arya Permana

In Indonesia, there lives the most complete boy on the planet. Its weight is over 190 pounds, and he’s only 10 years. He suffers from severe obesity and it the daily diet would be quite enough to feed 10 adults. Because of his size he is unable to pick up his clothes, therefore, covers the hips with a big piece of sarong. He is unable to attend school, and just to move him is very difficult. The boy spent whole days just lying in the pool. What was the cause of this anomaly is unknown, because until the age of 2 he developed as a normal child.

Arya Permana

Frame Haruna – the girl with the body of the baby

In the Nigerian city of Caen is a girl who suffers from a rare disease. Her body stopped growing at 6 months and limbs are not functioning. With the head Frame is completely normal for her age sizes. According to the testimony of her mother six months she began to shudder from the severe attacks of abdominal pain, accompanied by high fever. The family has other children, all quite healthy.

Frame Haruna

Nigerian doctors speculated on what could cause this strange anomaly. Some locals even claim that the illness of the girl, is a consequence of the curse of gin. But the reality of it is irrelevant. The only thing very, very lucky this Nigerian woman, it’s her family. Despite the fact that the care of seriously ill Frame enters the family money, her parents have not abandoned girls and struggling to earn funds for its maintenance.

Shi Bao is a dog on two legs

In the Chinese province of Shanxi there is a dog who lost two legs in a rail accident. Surprisingly, despite this severe injury, the animal survived and learned to walk on two front paws. And recently Shi Bao became a mother. Workers from the railway station, which sheltered the dog, saying that she’s a wonderful mother, who never for a long time does not leave their babies.

dog Shi Bao

Emma Lyman – diagnosis is not a death sentence

In this 21-year-old girl from a whole bunch of serious diseases. This slight degree of autism, down syndrome, deafness. But that didn’t stop her from becoming a productive member of society. And what she doesn’t know how to read and write did not stop her from becoming a successful businesswoman. It all started with the fact that her mom sent out a summary of the girl in the company, trying to find her some work.

Emma Lyman

She was taken to the office of one credit institution for the destruction of classified documents. It turned out that Emma is perfectly breaks into small pieces of paper, and does it with amazing speed. And today it has its firm and regular customers who are happy to use its services.

incredible facts in the world

Incredible facts in the world may affect different areas of our lives, but you can make a logical conclusion. Never despair even in the most difficult situations and with optimism to look ahead, to tomorrow.

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