In what ocean is the deepest trench

In what ocean is the deepest trench? It can only be in the big, bottomless ocean — the Pacific ocean.

This Marianas trench — the most inaccessible place on the planet and one of the greatest mysteries. The basin got its name from the Mariana Islands, now owned by America and was the result of the interaction of tectonic plates. Older and heavy with their weight of the Pacific for millennia been pushing the Philippine plate, with the result that it turned out the rift.


The tract is huge — it stretches for 1.5 thousand kilometers, surrounded by sharp ledges and rocks. The incredible pressure at the bottom — per square centimeter (!) we have more than 1100 pounds, and exceeds that on the Earth’s surface in 1070 times. There is almost complete darkness, the temperature does not rise above 0 degrees and the bottom is covered with a thick layer of mucus, which turn the organic remains at this depth.

The deepest recorded point of the submarine gorge (which translates as «abyss Challenger», in honor of the ship of the discoverer) — 10994 meters. For the record, the highest point on the earth’s surface is mount Everest height 8848 meters, one and a half times closer to the Earth’s surface than the Mariana trench.

The rift opened by the British in 1875, having examined it on the Corvette Challenger. Then they were able to capture the depth of a little over 8000 meters, used for measuring all available on the ship ropes. And the first people went down there in 1960 in the bathyscaphe Trieste is Swiss oceanographer Picard and Walsh U.S. military. They were very surprised at such a depth met flat fish up to 30 inches, crayfish and shellfish – blind and devoid of pigmentation.

In 2012, the famous James Cameron single-handedly down to the bottom on the underwater submersible equipped with lighting equipment and the equipment that allows you to shoot 3D. The Director talked about his dive that felt alone and as if on another planet. All of this became material for popular science film of the TV channel «National Geographic», which created a furore worldwide.


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