Humid mainland

Another of the lessons of geography it is well known that our planet is represented by six continents. They differ in climate, area, flora, fauna and many other characteristics. The biggest, the hottest and the coldest. But there is also the wettest continent is South America.

Where is it located?

Wet continent located in the Western hemisphere of our planet. A large territory is to the South of the equator. This continent has the form of an elongated triangle, which lasts for more than 7,000 kilometers from North to South and narrows considerably to the South of the territory.

South America

South America, the area of which is equal to about 18 000 000 km2, located in five climatic zones: Equatorial, subequatorial (even twice), tropical, subtropical and temperate. Change occurs South of the equator (the only exception is sub-Equatorial).

Washing the continent where the waters of two oceans – the Western Pacific and the East Atlantic. With the Northern part of the continent washed by the Caribbean sea. Quite a few Islands near that continent. The coastline can be rugged to call weakly, but from the southwest there are still a number of Islands, bays and Straits.

South America connects to North through the isthmus of Panama, these two continents account for one part of the world called «America». In the isthmus of Panama in 1920 was created the Panama canal, where vessels began to walk the shortest route from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

The climate

You can call the climate of this continent are different, due to its location in different climatic zones. For example, on the West coast the climate is considered temperate, when winter is quite mild, and the predominant winds. In the summer, cool enough and you can often see rainy weather. The Eastern part of the continent it is characterized by moderately continental climate, rainfall here is much less. While advancing inland there is a more dry climate. And moving through high mountain peaks from the bottom up, you can feel how much harsher the climate becomes.

High humidity: what are the causes?

It can be noted that the climate of this continent is similar to the African climate. But the climate is the wettest continent is more diverse. Is as warm as in Africa, but there are dry deserts. The main causes of high humidity levels on the continent there are many factors that have a direct impact on the climate and especially the location of the mainland and its topography.

The mainland is characterized by having a long in the world of the Andes mountains and the deepest of the Amazon river. Every year in the Amazon and its tributaries falls incredibly large amount of precipitation. Warm currents that dominate the East side of the continent, increase the already considerable amount of precipitation.


Heat, high humidity and fertile soil – all of this contributed to the emergence of the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon, which in South America called the «Selva». In extent, these forests are the largest in the world. The flora is represented by palms, lianas and orchids. And among animals the Park is home to jaguars, sloths, monkeys and many bird species.

Amazon jungle

As a significant part of the continent is located in the Equatorial tropical latitudes, there is always hot Sunny weather. That is, the continent is very well heated, and therefore the air above it has a lower pressure than over the surrounding oceans. As a result, the winds from the oceans bring additional humidity. And promote the release of moisture from air masses brought by the Andes, which are the kind of climatechangeaosis factor. During the year, in the foothills of the Andes may fall rainfall more than 3000 mm.


Despite the fact that the continent is recognized as the most moist, there is dry place. This is the Atacama desert located in Chile. Precipitation amounts are very small – in a year this option might be only 1 mm.

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