How much it will cost mobile communications in other countries?

It is difficult to imagine the modern life without a cell phone. The evolution of technology has led to the fact that the phone has replaced our photos and a video camera, a notebook, calculator, and computer. It can be used to obtain high-quality pictures, surf the net, read emails, work applications, play and so on. The only disadvantage is not free. Mobile communication in different countries is different, check out the approximate cost.

1. Spain – about 34 dollars a month

Spain – about 34 dollars a month

    There are three most popular operators:
  • Movistar;
  • Vodafone;
  • Orange.

To cell communication is not left in a lot of money, you should choose the operator that is connected to most of your friends, then communication will be a bit cheaper. Don’t forget, you only pay for outgoing calls and SMS.

2. Belgium – about 35 dollars a month

Belgium – about 35 dollars a month

    Here, too, only three large companies providing mobile services:
  • Base;
  • Mobistar;
  • Proximus.

Each has different tariff plans. Should compare them to understand what to choose.

3. The Netherlands is about 39 dollars a month

The Netherlands is about 39 dollars a month

    There are a lot of companies, these include:
  • Lebara;
  • Online;
  • KPN;
  • Ortel Mobile;
  • Telfort;
  • T-mobile;
  • UPC;
  • Vodafone.

In the Netherlands, any toll calls, including incoming. So it is often cheaper to call using phone card.

4. Norway – about 43 dollars a month

Norway – about 43 dollars a month

    Norwegians are proud of the quality of the provided connection. Well-known companies:
  • Telenor Norway (more suitable for access to the Network);
  • TeliaSonera is the leader of the mobile telecommunication markets of Sweden and Finland;
  • Network Norway;
  • TeliaSonera.

5. France – about 44 dollars a month

France – about 44 dollars a month

    Here are seven operators:
  • Bouygues Telecom;
  • One of the biggest distributors of European products and services — Avenir Telecom;
  • A multinational Corporation with its headquarters in Paris — Sagem Wireless;
  • SFR;
  • Orange;
  • Transatel;
  • Virgin Mobile France.

The cost of cell phone can be slightly reduced by associating a phone number with a credit card, in this case, the money will be automatically charged to a cheaper tariff lines.

6. Australia – circa $ 45 monthly

Australia – circa $ 45 monthly

    The largest operators:
  • Optus;
  • Telstra;
  • Vodafone.

7. Switzerland – about 47 dollars a month

Switzerland – about 47 dollars a month

    In this country three global companies:
  • Sunrise;
  • Swisscom Mobile;
  • Orange.

All three companies have a variety of line rates (for a period of one to two years), which automatically renew. There is a subscription identification module of the subscriber (sim card). The phone bill can be purchased voucher at the kiosk or in the supermarket at the checkout.

8. United States – about 49 dollars a month

United States – about 49 dollars a month

    In America, a record number of companies providing mobile communications services – about thirty. The largest include:
  • Verizon Wireless has the largest number of users, more than 118 million;
  • AT&T Mobility not far behind, it boasts 107 million subscribers;
  • More than 50 million users in Sprint Corporation;
  • T-Mobile US – about 44 million subscribers.

9. Japan – $ 54 monthly

Japan – $ 54 monthly

    In the land of the Rising Sun five providers:
  • NTT DoCoMo, providing mobile services, 60 million of subscribers;
  • KDDI, which has over 30 million subscribers;
  • Softbank Mobile has 23 million users.
  • Willcom uses about 4 million people;
  • EMOBILE is the operator of more than 2.5 million people.

In Japan, the competition is very high, given that the number of cell phones exceeds the population.

10. Canada – about 55 dollars a month

Canada – about 55 dollars a month

    Largest canadian operators are:
  • Rogers Wireless, he has nearly 10 million users.
  • Bell Wireless is a little bit back, serving about 8 million people;
  • Telus Mobility has 7.7 million users.

There are other mobile operators that only work in certain areas of Canada, for example, SaskTel, Videotron, MTS Mobility.

11. Russia – 10 dollars a month

Russia – 10 dollars a month

In our country there is so much competition between mobile operators. There are three main, well-known: MTS, MegaFon and Beeline. They are almost identical the calls, SMS messages and the Internet. The SIM card can be purchased for an amount that will count. Gaining popularity of unlimited tariffs, which are the most profitable.

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