How much is the cheapest Segway

More recently, a tool for transportation, like the Segway, it was possible to see only in sci-Fi film. But as time goes on, and modern technology to make amazing things in the everyday and ordinary. The first Segway, presented to the world in 2001 caused a flurry of emotions, but today it is very common in big cities, especially popular among young people.

First model Segway was expensive, but over time the producers were able to reduce prices thanks to mass production of this vehicle. So how much is the cheapest Segway?


Segway without a rudder

The most reliable and practical are the Segway of American manufacturers, and the cheap Chinese model. The price of this transport depends on technical characteristics and equipment. The most easy to use and the cheapest ones are Segway without a rudder.

Smart Balance 6,5 Weel Avatar – the cost of this model in the region of 13 000. Among similar Segway, he is considered one of the fastest speeds of up to 15 km/h and holds up to 120 lbs. perfect for travel on city streets and inside buildings (shopping malls, office buildings). Very resistant and covers the distance up to 20 km without recharging.

Segway Smart Balance 6.5 Vortex Avatar

Smart Balance 8 inch will cost a bit more – about 20 000. This model has Bluetooth, and speaker. Due to the fact that this model has larger diameter wheels increases the maneuverability and comfort of use. Wheels this Segway has backlight, which makes it much brighter and more attractive, especially in the evening hours.

Segway Smart Balance 8

Smart Balance Wheel with 10-inch wheels are ideal for our roads and it costs about 21 000. Large wheels give you the ability to easily overcome any obstacles, such a model can be called a SUV. Obstacles such as paving or lawn is no problem for him.

Segway Smart Wheel Balance 10

Kids Segway

On the market tachie presented model Segway designed specifically for children. How much is the cheapest Segway for children and teenagers?

SkyBoard Umka is one of the most affordable Segway, it weighs 4.5 kg. Thanks to this weight, the child or teen can take to school or outing, it is quite compact and mobile. Is the pleasure of about 20 000, there is a special speed limiter (8 km/h). Perfect for elementary and middle school age, the charge lasts for 12 hours, then you need to recharge the battery within 2 hours. The maximum weight, which is calculated on this vehicle is 65 kg, so it is enough for a growing child.

Segway SkyBoard Umka

Of course, not every parents are willing to pay for such a miracle of technology polzarplaty, but if the family has younger brothers and sisters, then these costs are quite justified.

Another model of a cheap Segway for children, designed for children up to 10 years is a flying saucer K1. It costs about 25 000, suitable for a boy or girl (made in different colors). A gift to him you get a compact bag, so the child can always carry.

Segway Flying Saucer K1

Firm Smart Balance is also a huge choice of transport for teenage children, and they are quite inexpensive. 14 – 15 thousand rubles, you can buy a model of virtually any color, however, the components in such Segway in China.

How much is the cheapest Segway with the wheel?

Models Segway, of course, with the steering wheel. They are more expensive, but more sustainable and therefore transport easier to manage.

Segway Ninebot mini Xiaomi.

Recently on sale appeared new from the famous company Xiaomi Ninebot mini. This Segway is perhaps the cheapest of the presented today on the market. It weighs a little more than 12 kg, connects to a smartphone and can reach speeds up to 16 km/h. With your smartphone you can track the distance traveled and monitor the charging status. The battery lasts for 22 miles between charges.

Another model, which is quite inexpensive in this class — ElectroTown S1. Equipped with a comfortable footrest stops, the led headlights, which is especially useful when riding in the evening and at night. The handle is removed very quickly, so much space for such a transport to the apartment will not take. Segway is designed to travel on city streets and in a suburban area, has a high cross.

Segway S1 ElectroTown

Leadway Segway RM02D+ will cost its owner 95 000 rubles . This model also applies to the cheapest models, and is the ideal place to ride it to work. The maximum distance that can overcome this Segway without recharging for about 35 km, which is very convenient in big cities.

Segway with a handle

This technique is every day gaining more fans. Not surprisingly, environmental friendly, does not require a driver’s license, perfect for walking and work. How much is the cheapest Segway, and how long it will serve its owner, will depend on its technical characteristics and the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer.

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