Hidden treasures of the southern district of Israel

South district Israel – the largest region of the country. However, for many tourists, it still remains a terra inkognita. An unforgettable experience will leave a trip to Eilat, where you can take a fascinating walk in Red rock canyon, descend to the ocean floor to see the ruins of the flooded ship, to go the Way of spices, to assess the outcome of proceedings unknown power – Solomon’s pillars and marvel at the beauty of the reserve at kibbutz Ein Gedi.

The city of Eilat in Israel

What is remarkable about Red canyon?

Fifteen kilometers North of Eilat there are landscapes that are usually associated with a very different part of the world, the heart of the North American continent. Here there are rocky deserts, plateaus and the riverbed once full-flowing rivers, and in the Center is the Red canyon. For the descent provided a specially equipped trails. But to pass them, you must still a minimum of physical preparation.

Red canyon in Eilat

Intricately painted in pink and ochre colour of the folds and outcrops will not leave anyone indifferent. They appear particularly impressive at dawn, don’t stop and think about what a person really small grain of sand in the background raged here for geological processes.

Diving in Israel

Where you can see a sunken ship «Sufa» aka «Satil»?

Diving in Eilat and its surroundings – one of the main attractions. In addition to the underwater flora and fauna, you can explore the object not of natural origin. Israeli Navy ship «Sufa» from the coastline of the Bay deliberately sunk and now lies at a depth of a large part of happy scuba divers. Dip organized a special diver’s base, they are on the coast near the city.

Negav desert in southern Israel

Where to find the Way of spices?

The route that leads to Eilat through the Negev desert, has been known for over two millennia. In ancient times, through the Negev, from the Jordan to the Gas side, took the Way of spices. To the present day remains its road infrastructure – the places where caravans stopped. You can see them during independent travel in the desert or jeep tour. But from the Way spices have remained much more significant evidence, such as Avdat and shivta.

What surprised Timna Park?

A veritable Museum of ancient history under the open sky is located in the homonymous valley of the river, half an hour’s drive from Eilat. In addition to the famous copper mines, production of which began under Solomon (and continued until the seventies of the twentieth century), there was a temple of Egyptian goddess Hathor with a history no less complex than the political relations in the Ancient East. At the entrance to the Park in a special hall show large-scale (using a three-dimensional moving scenery and various special effects), multimedia presentation, resurrection happened in the Timna valley in ancient times events. But most visitors come here to see what you created without human intervention, Solomon’s pillars, which is a rocky Eminence, formed as a result of erosion. Sculptural creations of nature that seem to be living things, giant plants, and even some phantasmagoria.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi in Israel

What advantages does an amazing kibbutz Ein Gedi?

Part of the oasis of Ein Gedi in the Judean desert since 1971 declared a nature reserve, and since 2002 there is a national Park. The seemingly barren and arid desert opens its secrets in reserve, two are not ephemeral Creek and several waterways, which operate only in the spring. Together, they produce more than three thousand cubic meters of water per year.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi is a great example of how Israel can make the desert bloom and bear fruit. There is a huge Botanical garden in which grow more than nine hundred species of plants and environmental education center. Furthermore, the community of the kibbutz opened on the shores of the Dead sea, the spacious Spa «Ein Gedi».

Judean desert – traditional, historic natural area for Israel and it was here, on the territory of the national Park, is a monument Galskogo period in the history of ancient Palestine meets the predynastic period in Egypt. Temple in Ein Gedi – a unique Israeli history Israeli of the background scenery.

Journey through the unique and interesting historic sites in the vicinity of Eilat will leave in the memory of the tourist an unforgettable experience.

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