Hidden beach in Mexico

Often nature hides from man is an amazing place. One of these curiosities is considered a «hidden beach», located in the cradle of ancient civilizations of the New world — Mexico, near the famous resort of Puerto Vallarta.

To see the beach you need to visit the island Marietas, 2008, the United Nations education, science and culture, in other words, UNESCO has carried them to the important biosphere reserves of the planet. Obtaining this status was the presence of rare underwater caves and corridors, as well as the diversity of marine life, including dolphins and a large number of rare corals.

Prikovany beach Mexico

In this area it is forbidden to hunt and fish. Any invasion of the person is unacceptable, however, in recent years expanded eco-tourism. The duties of the organizers of such tours includes the observance of purity. The main attraction of the island – the natural pool or «hidden beach».

In form it is more similar to a natural swimming pool, so call it a miracle of nature in different ways. The sandy part of the coast which is located under the hole through which this fall, the sun’s rays, and over the sea hangs a small cave. At this point the temperature is lower compared with temperature at the surface. In principle this is a good thing, because the temperature in Mexico reaches 40 degrees. This is due to the proximity of the equator.

Prikovany beach

Natural pool in Mexico is a great place to snorkel or mask. Of observing rare sea turtles, tropical fish and coral reefs, staring at the giant manta rays, called manta, will give you unforgettable impressions.

Hidden beach in Puerto Vallarta

To get to the hidden beach is only by water transport, for example, it can be rented a boat. Inaccessibility and a certain solitude attract many lovers, there are a lot of tourists. To be precise we are just relaxing in scenic surroundings.

Natural pool in Mexico

Interestingly, the creation of this extraordinary beach nature was not involved. The cave appeared due to the explosions, after the military exercises held in the beginning of the 20th century in Mexico.

The famous French ocean Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau was the beginning of the protests that forced the authorities to assign the Islands a certain status. So, at the end of the 60s, Marietas recognized National Park.

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