He wanted to stay!

He wanted to stay!

He wanted to stay!

Not to be subject to deportation outside of France, Gambian migrant-illegal immigrant had to eat my passport in front of police and authorities.

34-year-old Gambian was denied political asylum, which he requested due to the fact that in the Gambia, he allegedly is a member of the opposition, and at home there is a threat to his life.

Seeing the plane on which he was to be deported, the man got angry, started swearing and insulting members of the group of his support. Then just tore the pages from the passport proving his identity, and ate them.

The plane rebelled violator of borders is not allowed, as it could pose a threat to other passengers and crew members.

A French court has sentenced a Gambian to 2 months in prison for attempting to prevent implementation of the deportation.

Prior to this incident, the Gambian has lived in France for about 2 months. During all this time the French authorities found no grounds for granting him political asylum.

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