He called himself a vampire, go to court

He called himself a vampire, go to court

29-year-old resident of Pskov reported that he is a vampire and has bitten a policeman.

In April this year, the 29-year-old man was detained for committing an administrative offense. On the way to the police station, the offender stopped in front of the arch between the two buildings and stated the accompanying police officers that it is not a simple arch, and the «sacred gate» and go through them he can’t because vampires can’t cross. As the statement is not made on the custody order the desired effect, the detainee decided to demonstrate his superhuman abilities and his teeth in the shoulder of one of the police officers. At the foot of the injured police left bite marks, bruises and a large graze.

A later examination confirmed insanity of the man.

On 19 August, the case «vampire» was sent to the court. He faces up to 5 years imprisonment for causing violence to the representative of authorities not dangerous for life or health.

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