Gyrometer the best in its category

Who today has not heard of gyrometer – this futuristic, lightweight, maneuverable and fast vehicles? His appearance was made possible thanks to modern level of development of electronics and technology. Ride good gyrometer is a real treat. After all, what could be better than a ride in the fresh air with friends? It is not only pleasant but also useful rest.

On the market there are many different models: they are different design, wheel diameter, maximum speed, various additional features and some other characteristics. Of course, the buyer primarily wants each time to enjoy the snow and not think once again, where to get money for repairs. With all the variety of brands and models of gyrometers you can see on

Best gyrometer with wheels 6,5

Smart Balance Wheel, is a classic model with a standard diameter wheel. The maximum speed is 10 km/h One charge enough to cover the distance up to 20 km the Model is able to withstand weight up to 100 kg


  1. Good build quality;
  2. Large selection of different colors;
  3. Additional equipment remote control;
  4. Easy to repair: all items are on sale;
  5. Fast charging;
  6. A relatively inexpensive model: 20 thousand.


  1. Suitable only for smooth surfaces.

Best gyrometer with 8″ wheels

In contrast to the model discussed above, Smart Balance Wheel Transformers 8-guimauve wheels. The maximum speed developed by gyrometers is 15 km/h, the distance traveled 20 km Maximum load capacity – 120 kg.


  1. You can afford to ride, at least on the grass, even light snow;
  2. Comes with speakers;
  3. An interesting X-shaped design in the style of robot-transformers (hence the name);
  4. Good rates of speed and load;
  5. Convenient handle for carrying.


  1. Slightly overpriced (more than 24 thousand RUB.)

Best gyrometer with 10″ wheels

But this is a real SUV. Smart Balance SUV10 Wheel» – a device for real men. The maximum weight capacity is 130 kg, speed 15 km/h, driving range of up to 20 km.


  1. Permeability: this gyrometers you will be able to ride even on gravel and sand, to overcome small curbs and other obstacles;
  2. The model is equipped with speakers;
  3. Quality Assembly design;
  4. Inflatable wheels;
  5. Marker lights;
  6. Easy to balance.


  1. A sufficiently large weight – 13.5 kg
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