Going blonde without chemical dyes

To change hair color – a long time ago not a problem. Brighteners and dyes are available for every taste and budget. Another question – will it be possible to keep the hair healthy.

If your hair is dull, brittle, cut or fall, industrial dyes will only aggravate the problem, especially if the painting is used often.

How to become blonde

Owners of troubled hair and those who just do not like to expose the hair to aggressive exposure, we can recommend the use of folk remedies color.

Here are many advantages: no risk of damaging the hair and get a surprise in the form of an unexpected hue; coloring the folk remedies are gentle and help to strengthen hair and promote their recovery.

A significant disadvantage of using folk remedies – it is impossible to get a strong brightening effect in a single application, will have to use the mask several times at intervals of one or two weeks.

Lighting lemon juice

The easiest way to do it. Here and to prepare in advance nothing, you will need juice of two or three (depending on length of hair) lemons, which should be diluted with cold boiled water in the ratio of 2 parts juice to 1 part water.

Lightening hair with lemon juice

This composition liberally to wet dry hair on all length. Gently squeeze excess moisture, leave the juice on the hair, the head does not cover. Will have to wait 2 or 3 hours. After you wash your hair as usual with lukewarm water.

In warm weather, after applying the juice, you can substitute hair the sun under the action of sunlight, the result will be much more noticeable. Lemon juice may overly dry the hair some time to make them tougher. To cope with the problem will help another useful mask.

Honey-yolk mask

A half-full glass of liquid honey (about 200 g) mixed with beaten egg yolk and add 1 tbsp. of olive or corn oil. To this mixture add 3 tbsp. of cinnamon powder. If it’s too thick, you can dilute 0.5 cups of water. On hair, apply gently the mixture turns sticky. The head need to wrap with foil, cover it with a towel or wear a tight cap. Can be washed off after 4 hours or leave overnight.

Hair mask of honey

This mask restores the hair shaft, prevents cross-section, moisturizes and gives a Golden hue, illuminating for 1-1,5 tones. And, most importantly, treats the scalp and roots of hair, stimulates blood circulation and stops of various inflammatory processes.

The light yogurt

This healthy drink is well suited for lightening hair. Take in equal parts (30-50 g) sour buttermilk, brandy, Apple cider vinegar, all components of the mix with 1 chicken egg and 1 teaspoon of shampoo. Apply to hair, cover with foil and a towel, leave on all night. The effect of the mask on the hair will also be beneficial. 1 becoming lighter in tone, strands will be strengthened, will grow.

Bleaching with hydrogen peroxide

Although this method is not entirely natural, but if you use it correctly, you can achieve good results and do not hurt. Take 3% peroxide (if the hair is thick, you can use 5% peroxide), pour into a bottle with a spout, evenly wet hair, act very carefully to protect the eyes. Leave on hair for 1 hour, rinse hair balm.

Natural methods of lightening hair

One application is lighting for 1.5-2 tones. This procedure can be done in 10 days. This method will keep the hair structure to avoid yellowing and to achieve the desired tone without any loss of the color pigment will appear gradually.

Proponents of natural care will always be an advantage, because they not only will have a beautiful hair color, but will retain their health.

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