Garden paths as an element of landscape design

Paths and trails in the country – this is a very important element of landscape design which you should not ignore and underestimate their value in the exterior. Garden path – this is the first thing you can see behind closed the gate. That’s why she should be beautiful, well thought-out and perfectly fit into the landscape design.

Garden paths

In creating the garden paths there are no criteria. In the course can go all the means at hand. Paths can be very different and made of any material:

  • paving slabs,
  • pebbles
  • stones,
  • log cabins of logs,
  • filler track – listing them indefinitely.

Loose-fill paths

You can make the filling the courtyard. For this you need to dig a groove depth of 10 inches over the entire area of the planned track. The edges to strengthen the borders, to put on the bottom geotextile. To fill the can with gravel, pebbles, screenings, marble chips. You can also diversify this path to make a small concrete slab in filling. Their tightly compacted that all the elements have created a single composition and was at the same height with no drops or bumps. Thus, visually exit «path in the tropic». The result is very good and original.

Garden paths

Track on concrete base

Reliable option garden paths are paved with paving slabs or natural stone on a concrete base.

Very often cottages can be found paths made of concrete. To avoid tearing, they can be improved. On ready concrete Foundation poured a layer of sand, which has already laid out the chosen material. Be sure to make the borders, to secure. It is good if the track is above the ground 5-7 inches. It will not be blurred, and after the rain will stay clean and not contaminated land.

Garden paths

A wooden walkway made of boards

Wooden walkway is the cheapest and most popular option. The boardwalk can be done from the boards and cut down a tree. For track from boards, you first need to purchase the planks. Cut them the length of one meter, is treated with special liquids or oil. Lay the Board on sand or gravel as sleepers, from a distance of 30-40 centimeters. The gaps can be filled up with rubble.

Wooden walkway from the saw cut of trees

For the track of the saw cut will be useful to cut down on the giving trees. Go into the trunk and thick branches. Tree trunk sawing at the bars of a height of 30 centimeters. Prepare the ground: to dig a hole to 50 cm, can be less. At the bottom lay the geotextile, it protects against germination of weeds. From the top to fill the sand layer at 10 cm and you can begin laying drunk. Before that, they need to be treated with linseed oil, the bottom can be lubricated with liquid asphalt. Now fit the saw cut, and the gaps are drop-outs. Wooden walkways well-behaved zarekomendoval in an area dominated by dry climate. It is better to do in the fall, before snowfall. In winter, the subsidence, and, as a consequence, natural compaction. This track will last a long time.

Garden paths

Paths of paving slabs

It has become a classic – garden path of paving slabs. You need to prepare the ground, dig a hole to a depth of 20 inches. To add a layer of sand to make a cement screed. The top layer is 3-4 cm, a mixture of cement and sand. Now you can start to lay the paving itself. To stack it it is necessary from myself, pretty tight with a gap of 1-2 mm. First fit whole tiles, but in the end, those that need pruning. In the end, everything is checked with a level and podavlivaya with a rubber mallet. And, of course, the edges is a border.

There are many options, everyone will find own favorite.

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