Futuristic exotic Arab Emirates

Magic city, fantastic country, amazing flower desert, Paradise of the Universe. To describe the beauty and grandeur of one of the most luxurious places on earth have the eloquence Oriental beauty Scheherazade, 1001 nights pampered Persian king their tales. Not surprising is the fact that in 2016, the government of UAE has announced the establishment of a Ministry of happiness and tolerance for its residents. Go along on an exciting journey to see how the free flight of the human dream came to life, turning the dry piece of land into a blooming oasis.

United Arab Emirates tours


The country of seven federated principalities, or Arabic Emirates, located in the East of the Arabian Peninsula, washed by the waves of the Persian Gulf. The neighboring state with the United Arab Republic – Saudi Arabia and Oman. Most of the territory is covered by desert RUB al-Khali deserted lands and salt marshes. The country is home to 9,360 million.

Political system: absolute monarchy

The capital is Abu Dhabi, with a population of 2.5 million people. Language – Arabic, but also used dialects of Urdu, Farsi, Hindi. English is the medium of international business communication. Religion: Islam. Main currency: dirham.

Shopping in the United Arab Emirates

The country’s economic miracle

The reason for the rapid growth of the Arab state is not only rich in oil but also exports labor, successful reforms, fight against corruption, the introduction of new technologies, the construction of resorts, the creation of a national airline, logistics development. Sheikh Mohammed, the progressive ruler of the United Arab Republic, was invited to work for the realization of the most bold creative designs of the best architects from around the world.


Even from the airplane window you can see a grandiose panorama of the city of tomorrow. The sight of great beauty will not leave anyone indifferent: soaring under the clouds skyscrapers, numerous fountains, emerald green parks, countless hotels. After landing in Dubai, hurry up to explore this Eastern city, in which the wisdom of the ages embodied in a beautiful garden with tall buildings and flowering plants.

Attractions Arab Emirates

Symbol dubayev, a hotel with seven stars, is shaped like the sail of a ship. Burj-al-Arab causes mute delight of their original composition and smooth lines.


The Dubai aquarium is always a lot of visitors. More than 30,000 different sea creatures are giant artificial reservoir. It took the organizers to embed their Pets more than 10 million liters of water. Guests can enjoy the view of fish deep in turquoise water, strolling in a glass tunnel. For the fearless fans of extreme sports offers a special attraction: swimming with the sharks. How not to recall the «Shark cage» of James Aldridge… Strange, but brave souls willing to test themselves, always abound.

Hotel-aquarium in the United Arab Emirates

Children’s Paradise – Wild Wadi water Park

Arab wise men not only gave the world the ballpoint pen, chess, parachute, acquainted with the taste of coffee, but told the world about the extraordinary adventures of intrepid traveller Sinbad the sailor. Boys and girls going to the Waterpark, Wild Wadi, have no idea how many wonderful adventures waiting on the magical territory of Sinbad. The Park is designed so that to complete all the rides with water slides in one day is simply impossible. Don’t be surprised if the kids want to settle here.

Beach or skiing? Ski Dubai

Fans of active leisure will find a pleasant surprise: skiing is possible in the heat. In the shopping center «Mall of the Emirate» is the only Eastern ski resort. Artificial snow generating special cooling technique. The transition from summer to winter and back can be done in just a few minutes.


For traveler

Before you go to the United Arab Emirates on vacation, carefully review the requirements for visitors and guests.

Buy metro red card for a single trip. Silver card is useful for the permanent route. During Ramadan, strict fasting Muslim tourists are not allowed to eat on the street from early morning until sunset.

Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

The difference between a vacation in these cities is price. Abu Dhabi is considered a budget place to visit, but the city is not less beautiful and attracts tourists to the sparkling coast, its numerous hotels, parks and restaurants.

Abu Dhabi or Dubai which is better

But what about the shopping?

In order to buy fashionable clothes from Pierre Cardin with 70% discount, is to fly into Dubai, as in France to make such a purchase impossible. About the quality of products, number of Souvenirs, relatively inexpensive gold jewelry, fine tech says all the tourists. They are United in their opinion that the best place to buy «all and all at once, in the world. Visit shops in the United Arab Emirates is a great pleasure, not only for women.

Futuristic city picture of the future, architectural masterpieces, Golden beaches will remain long in the memory, as well as the form of man-made miracle, the hotel «Sail», which the Emirates welcomes its guests.

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