Funny and unbelievable accidents that occurred in fact

Motorists, as usual, always in a hurry, in a hurry, and that gives impetus to the limitless ingenuity on the roads. To ensure that the driver can stop or rebuild from the right of the number to the left, all used, but sometimes a grief-drivers are so unexpected for others, that road turns into the scene of the accident.

Sometimes the accidents are so ridiculous that it’s hard to believe their credibility. Everything described here really happened!

1. Nightmare in the kitchen

Nightmare in the kitchen

What Nick Poole, who lives in the UK, and were just going to dinner and already made himself comfortable on the couch in the living room, when suddenly he was disturbed by a tremendous crash from the kitchen. The husband immediately rushed to check what was the matter, and could not believe my eyes. Half of the kitchen occupied the Citroen C5, car neighbors, he drove into a wall and destroyed the good often of the room. Behind the wheel was scared to death woman.

The car «broke into the house at a speed of not less than thirty miles per hour. Fortunately, the woman driving was not injured. Her husband responded right away, as soon as I saw the accident and helped the woman to get out of the car.

But after the accident, the British upgraded kitchen completely.

2. Parking on the roof

Parking on the roof

A resident of the suburb near Durban, in South Africa, will remember that night, when I woke up from a terrible roar. Probably, it is still plagued by nightmares. In those terrible moments people are not able to understand what is happening. Looking closely, he saw the ceiling of his house hangs a hood of a car. As it turned out, the driver of the car lost control and he claims climbed first onto the ramp, and then somehow ended up on the roof of a house.

Learn more about how took off, the man sitting behind the wheel, couldn’t tell. Surprisingly, in accident nobody suffered. But now the landlord have to make repairs, and the owner of the car to say goodbye to his «skate», as it is not recoverable.

3. Landing on the roof

Landing on the roof

Something similar happened in ESCONDIDO, California. The owner of a BMW, then landed on the roof of the garage which belonged to a local resident and shot her. It did scare the motorist that and forced to leave the scene. As this is an unprecedented accident could happen is still unclear. The garage and the car received significant damage.

4. In close quarters, but not mad

In close quarters, but not mad

Strange incident happened in the British town of Buckfastleigh. The driver of the Chevrolet Kalos car quietly drove along the road, suddenly lost control, then within seconds was sandwiched between the house and the wall.

Rescuers had to sweat to extract the driver out of the vehicle. Luckily for him, no injuries, threat to health, the owner of the car has not received. If you believe the police, the damage could be more severe if not for the seat belts.

5. Free cash!

Free cash!

A curious accident is not dependent on driving experience and «ease» of technology. There are times when the main character of the event is professional, managing more serious equipment. This happened in Durham, UK, when the driver of a crane suddenly dropped it right on the roof of McDonald’s. Despite significant damage to the building, the people who quietly eat my lunch, was not injured.

According to statistics, new drivers have more accidents. NHTSA data allow to conclude that drivers under 25 years account for 15 % of accidents with severe consequences. And the traffic police of the Russian Federation claims that drivers are novice to blame in half of all accidents.

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