Fruit massage. In the course are oranges

Massage is one of those pleasures that is difficult to deny yourself. But for passing a course will need a lot of money. And finding a good massage therapist takes a lot of time. There are many types of massage, as well as sufficient funds for massage.

Massage oranges

One option is massage orange massage. The citrus aroma gives vivacity. These fruits are used not only in food but also in aromatherapy, rubbing, wrapping and inhalation. Nutrients are contained not only in the flesh, but in the citrus peel. Citric acid contained in citrus, does not live in them nitrates and nitrites. The antibiotic property of the oranges give volatile, which remove harmful substances from the body.

Apelsini for Masaru

Orange and its useful properties

The orange peel contains an essential oil that boosts immunity, improves mood, gives tone to the nervous system, improves respiratory and nutritional functions of the organs.

Rubbing and massage are the most effective ways of impact on the body. It is useful to apply at inflammatory processes, pain in joints, diseases of the digestive system or breathing problems. The oils contain biologically active substances that affect the diseased organs after penetrating into the lymph through the skin.

Fruity orange massage

Orange juice relieves fatigue, has anti-cancer effects, stimulates the metabolism in the cells, boosts immunity, rids the body of toxins and burning fat cells. In ancient times the juice is even used to heal cuts and wounds. And the interaction between the juice and the essential oil helps eliminate swelling.

The procedure of massage

Before the massage, you must completely wash the body, to do a little exfoliation to remove dead skin particles. So the substances will quickly be absorbed. For peeling doesn’t have to go to the salon, it is sufficient to prepare a mixture using the products in the kitchen. For example, mix ground coffee with a small amount of water. Also available in oat flour (ground rolled oats) add milk and honey. Or use a mixture of salt and vegetable oil. Clearing the skin, take a shower and can perform massage.

Oranges and orange juice

You need four to six oranges. Correctly pick up the oranges. The heavier the fruit, the juicier it will be.

Heat fruit in microwave for one and a half to two minutes or soak them in hot water. You may want the oranges are soft and warm. Change oranges during the massage as the cooling of the fruit. Chilled fruits put on to heat up in hot water. To avoid the injured skin, pre-peel the oranges from dry patches and stems.

Massage should start from the back, turning on the buttocks, then go to legs, then roll over on his back and continue the massage from the chest down to the feet. Pressure and movement can be different. It is important that massaging was nice and comfortable. Apply different techniques of massaging.

Collection massage

After you have finished massage whole fruit, they must be cut in half and perform the massage in halves. Next, squeeze out the juice and the patient’s body and spread the liquid around the body. To soften rough skin, squeezed half, wipe it on the heels and elbows.

Cosmetic properties

Substances contained in oranges, a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body. Thin slices of orange can be put on clean skin. They refresh the skin, smooth out wrinkles and saturate it with vitamins. Orange elements heals and rejuvenates the body.

Oranges, fresh fruit


As before any massages before orange, you need to consult with a specialist. There are contraindications to massage for people who have acute inflammatory and febrile processes. It is not recommended for varicose veins, bleeding, purulent processes, skin diseases, vascular disorders, various tumors to surgical treatment, and also personal intolerance or citrus allergies.

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