Friendship is a miracle. As ponies bring people together

My little pony – a children’s television show produced Hasbro. At the moment the project has reached 5 seasons and is very popular among children and adults.


A project Creator is animator Lauren Faust. It was she who brought in the series are those innovations which brought him to world level. It is also known to work on blasted the powerpuff girls and foster’s Home for friends from the world of fantasy, in his later, she received an Emmy award

The story and the world of the series

The story is about a little pony named Twilight Sparkle (Sparkle). She is a student of the country’s ruler, Princess Celestia. The series tells about the adventures of the main character and her five friends in the face of Apple Jack, Rarity, rainbow dash (rainbow), Fluttershy, and Pinkie pie. Each of the new series them and the residents of a small town (Pony Ville) waiting for new obstacles and conflict of life that strengthen their love and friendship, thereby confirming the main thesis of the show – Friendship is a miracle.

Characteristic of the project that distinguishes it from other shows for girls, is a qualitative study of the characters and the world in General. Perhaps this series won the love of an adult audience around the world.

The action takes place in a fantasy setting called «Equestria». The world is ruled by two princesses: Princess Celestia that raises the sun and even marks the beginning of the day; the Moon Princess, on the contrary plunges the world into night.

Inhabit the world ponies are also different, and everyone here has its own task:

  • earth pony – a normal pony, mostly engaged in agriculture and all that it involves;
  • the Pegasi ponies flying. Can live in the clouds and out of them to build cities. Control the weather in Equestria;
  • unicorns – ponies, wizards. The main scientists of the world;
  • alicorn ponies have magic and wings. You could say they are the ruling elite in this world. In the beginning, there are only two, but the fifth season is already four.

The main character template and can be described as: a brain, a coward, a Tomboy, fashionista, country girl, very energetic and cheerful. The secondary characters are also standard. But, as mentioned earlier, working with characters and small details reveal already stuffed mouth types.

Games and branches

«Pony: friendship is a miracle» is so popular that cartoon has got a large number of games available here, as well as offshoots of the series.

In 2013, the premiere of the animated film «Equestria Girls» where all of the main characters of «my little pony» moved to the school and are depicted as high school students. The movie also received the popularity as the original series, thus earning itself two sequels. The second film, «Equestria Girls – rainbow rock» came out in 2014, and the third Equestria Girls – friendship Games in 2015.


Pony friendship is a miracle has countless flash games for the browser. Also there are games for IOS and android, among which worth mentioning high-quality sandbox My Little pony. The game has all the characters and locations from the series.

Fanbase series

Developers, creating a series, was calculated only for children. But nobody expected to see massive love for ponies in the face of men 15 to 35 years. This escalated into huge conventions, cosplay, selling toys. Themselves fans call themselves bronies. Later, the Hasbro company announced that word official. Love for ponies and the whole series every year is only growing, and, it seems, is not going to disappear for several years.

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