Formula longevity. To live up to 200 years really?

The Baron Munchausen was asked to make three wishes. His first wish was to never grow old.

Mere mortals in 80 years – are already grandparents. Life has its limits. And here comes the hope that it will not always. For the first time, researchers have data from which it is clear that in the next 30 years, by 2050 will live longer.

Mere mortals in 80 years – for the grandparents

This, of course, similar to the stories of Munchausen. But, judging by the results of experiments, it can be in reality.

Wait, wait… If sixty will become in thirty years, it will look like devyatisotletney? Is four hundred and fifty? It can not but rejoice…

Until recently the aim of the study was to «no accidents» to hold the human body from a birthday party across the allotted nature of the race. Eliminated one deadly disease after another. In civilized countries the average duration grew rapidly. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century to the present time, it has doubled – increased to 78 years.

But here, medicine has reached the limit of what all you can achieve in the fight against the disease. Still not defeated, the three biggest killers: heart disease, cancer and diseases of the vascular system. But even if I managed to eliminate them, the average life would be increased by not more than seven years.

How to extend the life of the person, opinions of scientists

Who has seen through the electron microscope, these specialized cells of the human body, almost can not distinguish them from free-living single-celled.

They are mortal, and you can verify this by watching them in vitro. The gerontology clear: know why the dying cells of the body is to know the cause of aging. For many years experiments of researchers was unsuccessful. They often came from the fact that the defect is somewhere in the area of heredity. It was considered that there is clearly something broken. Researchers desperately tried experimentally to find this place.

On the right path of scientists brought only success, it seemed, at first glance, rather doubtful: they managed to make a immortal single-celled organisms mortals.

Professor Danielli from the University at Buffalo has initiated a unique experiment with artificially created cell suicide, a type of amoeba. Using a tiny syringe, he took them a little dose of protein and planted his undying amoeba. Normally this kind of vaccination from one amoeba to another remains without consequences. But in this case it was fatal. Amoeba, was considered the immortal, suddenly started to die as well as those which belonged to the grafted protein.

Gerontology will conquer old age and death

The conclusion was clear. The solution, apparently not in the hereditary substance in the cell and protein, protein. This is where you start the process that we call aging.

His colleague, Professor Leslie Orgel, one of the most brilliant minds of science, built on the opening of a new theory of the age. According to the theory of Professor Orjuela, such processes occur on the protein factories in the cell. Indeed, numerous experiments show that this is the clue to one of the greatest mysteries of life.

At the Institute John Innes scientist biochemist Brian Harrison fed fruit flies a certain protein substance (amino acids), intentionally introducing defects in protein production in cells. And here is the result: «We are convinced that the life expectancy of the flies was really much reduced.» The secret of our death clearly is that during the production of the protein product something breaks.

The researchers have reason to rejoice.

To prolong life to a hundred years

Professor Denham Harman from the University of Nebraska worked on the problem, the solution of which, in his opinion, «will continue to many people’s lives to a hundred and more years.» We are talking here about.

Professor of Harman the idea – what if the experiments with the oil to migrate on the human body? Protect substances which are applied in industry, he began to experience the living creatures – in mice. Rodents, which Harman was added to the feed this substance, and lived at 44%. If you move the data on the people, it means that the person would have lived 35 years longer.

Another way was chosen by scientists-biochemists of the laboratory Oak ridge in Knoxville (Tennessee). They reasoned that if the aging process really is due to defects in protein production in the cell, it is necessary to help the body rid itself of harmful substances. But how to do it?

How to avoid aging

The natural defenders of the false protein antibodies. For example, if you transplant a man someone else’s heart, they immediately pounce on this alien body protein and try to destroy it.

«What if these defenders begin to act in the case where you need to destroy in the body need protein?», thought the researchers.

The oldest people on Earth about 150 years. The experience made with the mouse, suggests that there will be people who will live to 200 years and, according to Dr. Albright’s lab in Knoxville, «is not uncommon average age of 150 years».

According to an English scientist of Comfort that the agenda is not only a problem of prolonging life by combating the aging process. He considers it possible and even more biological miracle of rejuvenation, the body which has already begun the aging process. He points out that, since young cells can divide to reproduce, the gaps that are formed in tissues during the aging process, may again be filled. The body will gain its former strength, strengthens muscles, the heart will work as it worked in 20 or 30 years, skin posvezheet.>, how can a person be born again.

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