Five alien beauties

In a large cinema has long shown that the space is not only asteroids, planets and stars, but also a beautiful girl of unearthly origin. Two site asked the question who among them deserves the title of Queen of beauties, and made the TOP-list of the alien that appeared on the large TV screen at different times. Next, we will discuss the top five best representatives of other planets and worlds.

5th place


Starts the hit parade Morena, Baccarin, who played Anna in the television series «the Visitors». He was released two seasons from 2009 to 2011. The film tells about a race of intelligent dinosaurs. These insidious and evil aliens have convinced the earthlings in your good nature. Queen the creatures and played a actress from Brazil. It is a great game allowed to survive the series for two years, and the guilt of the actress generally it was not. It should be noted that the failure of the previous project entitled «Fireflies», starring Brazilian star, also occurred for reasons beyond the artist reasons.

4 place

Flash Gordon

The fourth line is brilliant Ornella Muti as Princess Aura from the British tape, filmed at the comic strip in 1980, «Flash Gordon». She is the daughter of the Satrap-a ruler who differs from his father, a tyrant with good nature and generosity. Glory to the Italian actress at Home came at the age of fourteen, after the release of the crime painting with elements of drama «the most beautiful woman». And already in the debut tape was waiting for her dizzying success, has given way to stardom in contemporary cinema. Subsequently, Turbidity has become one of the most popular European women. At home the main genres of the stars were Comedy and drama. Especially remembered the artist in the popular in Soviet times, the film «the taming of the shrew», where her partner was the inimitable A. Celentano. And in Britain, the actress met with Director M. Hodges, who took it in the movie «Flash Gordon».

3rd place


Zev Ballinger from the cult serial movie «Lexx» was played by two Actresses. In the first season, was invited by the German E. Habermann, but due to the large time break between seasons, the actress has gone to another series, and project managers «Lexx» has used her previous artist Xenia Parish. In the first case, the heroine was more beauty, and in the second the main characteristics of Zev began sexuality, seduction, and overall attractiveness. The series existed in the period from 1997 to 2002 and told the story of a girl who beat a young man and developed for this «slave of love».

2nd place

My stepmother is an alien

On the second line is lovely Kim Basinger. Her Celeste Martin from the movie «My stepmother is an alien» came out adorable, so the heroine gets a deserved silver podium of the hit parade. The film was crushed by critics, and deservedly so. It turned out to be bad, and the plot told the audience about the adventures of a hapless alien that married a man who has a grown daughter.

1 place

Cowboys vs aliens

The Queen of women from other planets, and the winner of the TOP sheet was a charming A. Wilde and her character E. Swensen of the fantastic Western «Cowboys against newcomers», filmed in 2011. To win the actress managed through not only in appearance but also the inner qualities of the character of an alien. She is not the Princess of the stars, scout, adventurer or conqueror. She is the Savior of the human race, without regard sacrificed himself in the fight against the bloodthirsty invaders who landed on our planet for gold.

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