Fishing as a family resort

Fishing is not only a wonderful hobby that good for health and career. It can be a great place for a family vacation, you might say, «family resort».

Family fishing

Why is fishing good for your health?

There are several reasons to go fishing.

  1. City dweller extremely useful forays into nature where you can breathe fresh air without exhaust. Sometimes from such oxygen-rich air may be dizziness or even headache.
  2. Contemplation of the water has a beneficial effect on psychological health. A similar activity can be called one of types of meditation. The blood starts to circulate better through the veins, because the normal heart rhythm. It affects the cardiovascular system of the body, protects from stress and heart attacks.
  3. Doctors have noticed that after active rest more sound and healthy sleep. As a result, well-rested people better cope with any job, and as a result – this helps in career. Because the more healthy a person is, the greater the chance to attract the attention of the authorities.
  4. Given that in urban environments almost everywhere surrounds us comfort, which we sometimes do not even notice, so it is a familiar, physical exertion is very useful. Examples of banal, entering the door, hand automatically push the Elevator call button. If you need water, open the faucet and not have to go to the well for water with empty buckets. Given the different equipment of a fisherman, even a simple fishing rod, chair, Warren, etc. – even a small weight, but a useful exercise.

Fishing with the whole family

Talk about family-friendly resort

In the modern world is gaining popularity this kind of recreation like eco-tourism. Of course, to relax in comfort, you will have to invest a considerable sum of money. But this can be done «conditionally» in the loan, gradually purchasing new things. In any case, investments will be long-term. If we consider tourism as a whole, even buying last minute (saving), a person carries more costs than equipping itself for eco-tourism. Because again on this trip to go to rest is impossible.

Family vacation on a fishing trip with the tent

The minimum set for vacation

What you need for fishing?

  1. Of course, a car with a trailer to drag all on itself.
  2. Tent for a family (possibly two).
  3. Tent for outdoor kitchens, furniture, folding table, folding chairs, etc.
  4. Mobile bath. These baths are becoming increasingly popular, today it is possible to purchase with dressing room, which serves as a recreation room. It is quite easy to fit a small folding table and chairs for relaxation.

Other subjects – the choice of the family and, of course, based on the capabilities of the budget. In particular 3G modem now catches, in fact anywhere, except in a very distant forest. There are chargers for phones, tablets, laptops, which run on solar battery.

How to relax with your family in nature

Of course, the family did not want the night to be in complete darkness. Not only has quality lights, but even the «ground» for the consecration of the perimeter of the camp. They have a special stick and can be installed (into the ground) like street lamps. If you buy a (albeit cheap) projector, mobile speakers, by displaying the wall of the tent, you can have a family movie theater in nature. Taking products, it is possible to lay a beautiful table, cooked over a campfire with smoke, seasonings, the best of which is fresh air, eat with appetite. Given the fishing hobby will have the chance to eat fresh fish. You bake it even, like the «savages,» in the clay. Option same with barbecue and kebabs has not been canceled.

Vacation in the woods around the campfire with the whole family

Children will also be not to the caprices if on the road have a laptop with your favorite computer games and communication with the world wide web. Bath will help to relax all family members. Considering fishing (location of the camp on the waterfront), to plunge into the water after the steam room will not be a problem. You can also hang a swing for the children to use the standard «bungee» jumping into the water, if the terrain allows.

Thus, the camping trip will be a celebration for the whole family. Will not have to try to «get off» on fishing, but rather to fend off the persistent requests of home, when, finally, you can go to your favorite family resort.

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