First signs of pregnancy

Every woman knows that the main symptom of pregnancy is missed period. As soon as the allotted time your period is not coming, it’s time to go to the pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test, which most likely will show two bands (for someone very expected, but for someone quite shocking). What are the early signs of pregnancy before the delay point to the emergence of new life in the womb of a mother?

Pregnant or not is it possible to determine before the delay?

The main sign of pregnancy is a missed period

Some women expect so much pregnancy that are trying to recognize the first signs of pregnancy, which, unfortunately, are not always reliable. However, sometimes the symptoms are so manifest that no doubt and give you the opportunity to enjoy a pregnant state even before the delay of menstruation. To understand what symptoms you should pay attention, it is important to understand how the process of fertilization of the egg, and how much time it takes.

Feel the initial signs of pregnancy a few days after conception almost impossible. And all due to the fact that the pregnancy in the first week from conception, as such, has not yet arrived. The egg, which is fertilized only within twelve hours after ovulation, the uterine wall is attached 7-10 days after fertilization. It then comes pregnancy, which may be visible on ultrasound in the first days after conception no pregnancy symptoms can not be, and, consequently, the presence of an ultrasound of the fetus will not show. So the early detection of pregnancy is a period when there was at least a week from the moment of conception. Often pregnant women love to do photoshoots, if you are among them, you can look here

The earliest symptoms pointing to pregnancy

Pregnancy can be determined before delay menstruation

Many women are interested in, what are the first signs of pregnancy first week can be. Among these are the following:

•Increase in basal body temperature. This temperature, which is measured in the rectum lets you find out about the pregnancy even before the delay. But in order to get a more accurate picture of the «interesting position», measurement of basal temperature is still a few days before conception. If after ovulation the basal temperature is above 37 degrees, it will be a sure sign of pregnancy.

•Changes in the breast. In the first weeks of pregnancy the Breasts can become raised, tender, nipples swollen, and one of them begins to stand out clear liquid – so the body is preparing for feeding a baby. Also nipples can become very sensitive and darken and the areola around them increase and also darken.

In early pregnancy it is possible to observe changes in the breast

•Malaise and fatigue. During pregnancy significantly accelerates metabolism to maintain the body of the mother and the unborn baby. This leads to a feeling of fatigue, drowsiness often.

•Frequent urination. When hormone HCG is increasing the blood supply in the pelvic region of the pregnant woman, therefore becoming more frequent urination. Especially the «torturing» of pregnant women at night.

•A feeling of heaviness and cramps in the lower abdomen. These factors should pay special attention, because they may indicate a threatened miscarriage. However, normal pregnancy these signs are the place to be. But they indicate the pressure of the growing fetus in the uterus.

•Problems with the digestive system. The woman begins vomiting frequently, occurs flatulence, changing taste preferences. Often pregnant can’t stand the smell.

The pregnant woman may start to feel morning sickness

•The appearance of the vaginal discharge. Such allocation can puzzle and disturb the mother. But poor selection of yellow-brown color in 6-12 days after conception indicate that the embryo successfully attaches to the uterine wall. However, do not ignore the spotting, which can be a sign of possible miscarriage.

•Increased appetite. The growing fetus causes the mother to «eat for both cheeks». However, a pregnant woman should not overeat, to not have problems with their own health and the health of the child.

The expectant mother begins to eat much, she's changing taste preferences

•Appearance of acne. Even if the mother-to a problem such as pimples, had not bothered during pregnancy, acne may be felt due to changes in the balance of hormones.

•Decrease in blood pressure. The pressure may drop due to increased blood flow to the uterus. Especially it is necessary to control the pressure level of those women who in the normal state suffer from hypotension.

•Inability to adapt to weather conditions. It can also be an early indicator of determining pregnancy. The expectant mother can be cold, then too hot.

•The appearance of cold. At the beginning of pregnancy a woman’s immune system is weakened, so it can lay the nose or a sore throat.

A pregnant woman should carefully monitor their health

Also the initial symptoms that signal the onset of pregnancy may be the appearance of pain in the lower back, swelling in the hands, headaches due to a sharp increase in the number of hormones, restless sleep, after which the pregnant woman does not feel rested. All these symptoms may be or may not be felt. But to diagnose pregnancy in the early stages is very important, because in this period, for example, you cannot do an x-ray or taking many drugs. And to monitor their health, a pregnant woman needs even more carefully!

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