Features roaming

Mobile network operators are at a certain distance and area. Inside such a network, cellular services have a fixed price. But the cost grows when the user makes a call to another region or travel outside the network and uses the services of another provider.


In order not to overpay for it, you can purchase a SIM card from a local mobile operator, but have to change room and pay for the purchase of the starter package. It is much easier to use roaming.

Features roaming

Today almost every company provides such services, but there is a difference in rates and destination. When traveling to other regions and countries to stay in touch with family and friends, you need to choose an acceptable roaming. The most popular are international SIM cards used by tourists and people, often forced to travel abroad for work. Such options have a number of advantages, because they are specially designed for such cases. Among them:

  • functioning in many countries (to two hundred);
  • no subscription fees;
  • cheap calls and SMS;
  • in some States, possible free incoming calls;
  • high quality in any region;
  • many ways to refill.

Modern trends


To date roaming prices available. While before the tourists it was cheaper to buy a starter package from a local operator, and that the damage to national companies. Therefore, the pricing policy has changed. When roaming, the operator enters into a contract with colleagues in another region, so that the subscriber can use someone else’s network to make calls. The client is more costly than exploitation of the already selected network, but still cheaper than buying a new package. Also remains a number that for many is very important. Today, there are three types of roaming:

  • international (different countries, continents);
  • national (within the country, but in the scope of different networks);
  • intranet.

The latter two types of cost is almost no different from the normal mode of mobile communication in roaming. This is due to the small difference in cost compared to the use of networks of other countries. Prices are averaged, so as not to bring inconvenience to the subscribers when traveling to another city or area. Use really high quality services.

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