Features of endoscopic method of tightening the skin of the forehead

The first symptoms of skin ageing appear in the form of horizontal forehead wrinkles and frown lines. On your age me also remind you sagging eyebrows and outer zones of the corners of his eyes. Unfortunately, such a deformation of the tissue cannot be resolved using even the most effective cosmetic products and supplements. To cope with the problem will help only surgery experienced professionals.

Usually tightening of the skin in the forehead is recommended for patients after forty years. The main reason for the operation is sagging eyebrows that create the effect of constant fatigue and darkness. Surgical intervention is also necessary in patients with global tissue prolapse of the upper part of the face. It improves the appearance of deep horizontal wrinkles, and vertical and oblique glabellar lines.


The operation is assigned only after a thorough examination of the patient. This takes into account all the problems of the human body and the previous operation in the facial area. For a certain period before surgery client skin care clinics have to abandon bad habits and adopt a heavy dose of vitamins. To make an appointment to see the doctor regarding your surgical lifting of the forehead and eyebrows on the site of the cosmetic clinic.

As a rule, after the pre-therapeutic examination of the patient and obtaining laboratory tests, the doctor prescribes the intake of antiviral and antibacterial drugs. Such a course is necessary to prevent infections. The classical technique of the plastic tightening forehead envisages bicoronary cuts. They begin at the level of the ear and redistribute the skin tissue of the forehead, which participate in the formation of wrinkles.


Today it is very popular endoscopic method where the surgeon makes 2-3 minimum cuts in the scalp. Skin tightening is performed using special equipment, the operation of which is controlled by computer technology. This method leads to minimal injury of nerve endings, blood vessels and hair follicles. The use of endoscopic techniques significantly reduces the duration of medical procedures. Rehabilitation lasts about seven days. The recovery of the body after a traditional surgical intervention for tightening the skin of the forehead is increased about threefold.

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