Fastest motorcycle

For many years the real lovers of high speed and real freedom nourish a great love to the most exciting and fastest types of transport – motorcycle. The lucky owners of these beautiful vehicles are enjoying a roaring engine and refined appearance of their own «iron horse». In 2000, the level of competition in motorine increases significantly. Becoming more and more different manufacturers producing heavy-duty motorbikes equipped with turbines at a speed in excess of 320 kilometers per hour. In 2001, however, for the safety of motorcyclists, the producers decided electronically to reduce speed to a maximum of 299 kilometers per hour. However, in our time, certain manufacturers of the motorcycles are very fast and powerful model, the level of speed which is not limited by electronics.

Dodge Tomahawk

Motorcycle many people always been associated with great speed, drive and adrenaline. Crystal dream of every rider to go faster than the wind. This dream of riders all countries of the world implemented in 2003, the famous American car company Dodge, creating the fastest motorcycle — Dodge Tomahawk. The difference of this model from other members of its kind is that it has dual and front wheels, each of which has its own independent suspension. Both pairs are in several centimeters from each other. And why the fastest motorcycle attached a four wheels, for beauty, or what? No, not for beauty. The fact that power level an 8.3-liter V10 engine, not much is not enough 500 l/s! The same powerful engine and coupe Dodge Viper. Submission torque could easily pulverize a single rear wheel…

Motorcycle Dodge

Now let’s talk about speed of the fastest motorcycle. Tomahawk can accelerate a maximum of 480 kilometers per hour! And to accelerate to 100 km/h he needs to spend only 2.5 seconds! Unfortunately, this wonderful bike not commercially available, but 10 copies have already rolled off the Assembly line. And all of them immediately snapped up. And this is despite the failure of the motorcycle to ride on public roads and «sky-high» cost of 500 thousand dollars!

But is it possible to evaluate in monetary terms indescribable in any words the feeling when you’re behind the wheel of this «iron horse», ahead of the wind and makes to boil the blood in your veins?

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