Fastest goal in the history of football: the video

The goals were scored almost immediately after listening to the signal of the referee, causing indescribable delight of football fans. Fastest goal in soccer is even listed on the page of the record Books, or rather there was made the name of the player who made the fans rejoice. So who is declared the «winner» the fastest goal in the history of this sport?

Champions of the record Books

Ricardo Olivier scored a goal through 2.8 seconds after the whistle

The title of fastest goals can claim several achievements of the players. For example, the first can be called Ricardo Olivier, a goal which nobody can repeat. Him in the match 1998. managed to get the ball in the opponent immediately after 2.8 seconds after the whistle.

However, the fastest goal is considered to be sent to the opposite gate forward Damien Sea ball (1995). This forward after perepala executed strong shot at goal and it paid off – got a great goal. When the game is over, the experts conducted analysis of the game, it became clear that the ball hit the gate through 3,68 seconds from the start of the match. Record Sea for a long time did not give rest, and now many players are trying to repeat this goal.

Record among lovers

Damien Mori sent the ball into the opponent's net using of 3.68 seconds into the game

Record Sea undertook to repeat mark Burrows, playing for the Amateur team of England (in 2006). Introducing «Cowes», Burrows scored two seconds – that’s how long it took him to score a fast goal. He sent the ball into the goal from midfield and with a strong wind, which was the day the ball was flying with even greater speed. This goal was shocked not only fans, but also Burrows, who could not restrain his emotions and laughed on the field. Of course, believed it was quite difficult. Subsequently, the Commission from the record Books this record was acknowledged, however, took it to the level of achievements in Amateur sports.

Achievements world Cup

Hakan shukyur scored opponents by 11 seconds from the whistle

At the world Cup in 2002. fans were surprised by Hakan shukyur, who took eleven seconds to run great attack and confidently to drive the ball into the opponent’s goal. Or maybe you like to do someone of the players in the near future? This is an interesting question, because the latter has a record of Vaclav Masheka, who scored at the fifteenth second in forty years, this could not perform one. Although things can change very quickly – at any level possible incidents and rapid attack, which will lead to another quick goal.

Achievements League Champions

In the Champions League scored by Roy Makaay, scoring a goal against real Madrid in 11 seconds

It is difficult to vary speed, if the tournament is sufficiently a serious level. For example, in the Champions League the players are not chasing a record-breaking goals, but sometimes circumstances are such that in the opponents goals are scored after the whistle very quickly. The fastest goal in the League has scored at the eleventh second of the ball. And scored such a goal Roy Makaay from Bayern Munich, which was met with «real in 2007. You can watch fastest goal in football history video below, and enjoy such a beautiful sight.

Achievements Of The Championship Of Russia

Michael Osinov has scored a goal 3 seconds from the whistle

The fastest at the Russian Championship in 2011. was voted goal scored by Mikhail Osinov. 35-year-old sent the ball into the goal opposing team three seconds from the referee’s whistle. As I told aspen, he saw that the goalkeeper is slightly moved away from the gate. This he did, successfully scoring a goal from midfield.

A little earlier with the early goal was able to «boast» Alexey Bychkov from «Shinnik», which scored the ball into the opponent’s goal nine seconds from the beginning of the game. This led to the victory of the team. Besides a few Bulls raised the bar for future players, which will show the best results.

The fastest hat trick

The fastest hat-trick in the history of football belongs to Tommy Ross

The fastest hat-trick in the history of football belongs to Tommy Ross, who per game (1964) scored 7 goals. And 3 of them were done in 90 seconds. Record Ross recorded immediately, but only in 2004. Their rate Ross explained the lack of hugs and tenderness and focus on the game.

Another quick hat trick recognized the achievement of the Swedish striker Magnus Arvidsson, who scored three goals in 89 seconds. And this «hat trick» was not so much fast, how much is very important. After all, thanks to a hat-trick Arvidsson was able to lead his team to the coveted victory.

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