Facts about calcium

We all know that without calcium, our body will simply stop growing. But this is not the only benefits of calcium to our body. In this article, you will learn a lot about this valuable item.

Our body not able to synthesize calcium

The human body (as well as all plants and animals) calcium needs to maintain metabolism. It transmits nerve impulses, regulates blood pressure and the healing process.

This is the main component of teeth and bone. In the bones of the largest number of minerals in the human body. In the case when the diet is depleted in calcium, the body begins to extract it from the bones.

Our body not able to synthesize calcium

Therefore, it is important to get enough of this element from food or early to start taking nutritional supplements.

Calcium contains:

  • milk and based on it products, including cottage cheese and cheese;
  • in green vegetables, and most of all calcium is found in cabbage and broccoli;
  • in seafood and fish.

The metabolism in the body is regulated by calcium

To prevent heart disease and blood vessels it is important to maintain normal blood pressure, and this function is vested in the body, including calcium.

In addition, it reduces the severity of PMS symptoms in women. In Africa it is possible to neutralize the venom of spiders if other treatments are unavailable.

How much calcium do we need

How much calcium do we need?

When the body loses calcium? Daily allowance is set at around 1,000 mg. However, older women (50 years) of this item need 200 mg more. For comparison: a glass of milk (1%) contains about 350 mg of this mineral.

Calcium deficiency makes the bones weak, which leads to osteoporosis

If calcium in the body is so small that he has to remove this element from the bones, the person becomes more prone to fractures.

Particularly prone to osteoporosis in women because their need for calcium is slightly higher than that of men. If the deficit faced child, its growth is slowing, and is often observed curvature of bones.

Calcium Supplement to food can be of two types

What if calcium obtained from food, is not enough? The Supplement can help. Recommended forms are citrate and calcium carbonate. It is a small price and sold in almost every pharmacy.

Calcium deficiency makes the bones weak

However, in order that it is properly utilized by the body, one should consume it only during the meal. Potassium citrate is a more modern option. It can be used regardless of the meal.

In addition, this drug is more suitable for the elderly, who have reduced gastric acid content.

Don’t forget about the side effects of calcium supplements. For example, sometimes people are faced with bloating, constipation. In addition, calcium interferes with the absorption of some medications and nutrients, so your doctor needs to be aware that you started taking the supplements.

Calcium gluconate is best satisfies the body’s need for calcium

This is a common drug that is used in order to maintain optimal mineral composition of the blood. It also affects the levels of potassium, often suffers during the illness.

Calcium, on the one hand, can cause cancer, and on the other contributes to its prevention

A recent experiment showed that elevated levels of calcium in the body can accelerate the development of cancer cells, e.g., prostate cancer. But all the same calcium prevents breast cancer.


Calcium «incapacitated» without vitamin D

A person needs vitamin D to the body could assimilate into it the calcium. Your diet can be extremely rich in these elements, but if it does not receive vitamin D, calcium is just wasted.

Without calcium a person’s life is simply impossible. You need to carefully watch, that the body did not lack in this mineral.

However, it is important not to overdo it because too much calcium is also bad. Remember that the body needs to obtain normal.

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