Expensive gifts celebrities to their loved ones

As we know, celebrities always have on the account a tidy sum of money they prefer to spend on anything you like. If we talk about the most expensive acquisitions, they buy yachts, mansions, collectible cars and more. A shopping list of stars is very diverse, they do not forget about their loved ones, bringing them their gifts a memorable experience.

Now let’s see what gifts the stars prefer to give their loved ones.

1. Mike Tyson gave his wife a bath

Mike Tyson gave his wife a bath

Famous boxer Mike Tyson bought a tub at a cost of two million dollars to make this wonderful gift to his beloved wife Robin Givens.

2. Mariah Carey and her rolls Royce

Mariah Carey and her rolls Royce

One of the famous singer of Marii Kerry, who just lost her head, and I fell in love with her, decided to make her a nice gift worth 400 thousand dollars. This gift was the gorgeous rolls Royce Phantom.

3. Jay-Z and presented to him a Bugatti veyron Grand Sport

Jay-Z and presented to him a Bugatti veyron Grand Sport

Gorgeous gift received rapper Jay-Z and his sweetheart Beyonce, who gave him nothing like the Bugatti veyron Grand Sport worth $ 2 million. The singer explained that she loves her fiance, and he alone is the conqueror of her thoughts and mind.

4. Vineyard for Victoria Beckham

Vineyard for Victoria Beckham

Very original and unique gift made David Beckham to his beloved beautiful wife Victoria on 34th birthday. This gift was a huge vineyard. For Victoria this gift was a surprise and brought her to a complete delight. Now she had the perfect opportunity not only-tended vineyard, and enjoy delicious healthy ripe berries.

5. Cruise from Oprah

Cruise from Oprah

Extreme generosity, scored a famous presenter Oprah Winfrey, who made a gift to the employees of Harpo. This gift was the Mediterranean cruise of a duration of ten days. But this gift is not particularly struck on the budget leading. It is, incidentally, already received rather expensive gifts from celebrities. For example, John Travolta once gave her a gift of a luxury convertible.

6. Bentley Paris Hilton

Bentley Paris Hilton

No one can love you as much as you do. Perhaps it is on this statement was based of Paris Hilton when I chose for myself a gift. This gift was the pink Bentley. With the taste of Paris Hilton’s hard to argue.

7. Course the rapper Jay-Z

Course the rapper Jay-Z

Jay-Z after receiving a gift from Beyonce decided not to remain in debt and gave your beloved handbag price of 350 thousand dollars. Though his gift was not as expensive, but the main thing for female attention and care loving person, and not the value of the gift. Apparently, he is well versed in the psychology of women.

8. The most precious gift by Aristotle Onassis

The most precious gift by Aristotle Onassis

Billionaire and part-time loving husband Aristotle Onassis was struck by his future wife just unusual and incomparable gift he gave her beautiful island. Thus entering history as the man that gave the most precious gift in the world. Donated by island young were married.

9. Bronze statuette of a friend of Roman Abramovich

Bronze statuette girlfriend of Roman Abramovich

Winner of a bronze statue worth $ 15 million became a friend of Roman Abramovich. The girl was just fascinated by this wonderful and unexpected gift, presented with well-known oligarch.

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