Exclusive self-leveling floor with their hands

Want to make a really exclusive interior in the bathroom? Then you should think about liquid floors. No, it is not necessary to think that this grey concrete floors, on the contrary, self-leveling floor can be beautiful. And, importantly, very practical. And it can be done without the involvement of builders – if you have all that is necessary, and a certain amount of experience in repair work, it is not so difficult.

Self-leveling floor with their hands

What is screed?

The title can be understood that this coating, which is initially liquid and then hardens. The way it is. Bulk floor – it is a composition, which is filled with the prepared base. After hardening forms a surface similar to tile. Extremely durable, wear-resistant, resistant to moisture, chemicals and all other factors the surface.

Besides, educated seamless coverage, regardless of the area of the room. This is a significant advantage, since, if there are no seams, there is no way for the penetration of moisture and dirt under the cover.

Self-leveling floor with their hands

For the arrangement of self-leveling floors are used in different compositions:

  • Polyurethane. Formulations based on polyurethane provide long service life of the coating (about 20 years), his attractive appearance. In addition, polyurethane does not gather dust, so the care of such a floor is very simple.
  • Epoxy-urethane. A mixture of epoxy resins and polyurethanes possess a certain degree of elasticity and high strength. Such mixtures are used in areas with heavy traffic.
  • Epoxy. Such compounds are used in enclosed spaces. Epoxy is resistant to many negative factors (mechanical impact, chemicals, moisture, oil).

The advantages of self-leveling floors is their safety, long service life (it is the most durable type of floor covering), aesthetics, and relative ease of application and the ability to create the different design of the floor. How?

Self-leveling floor with their hands

Fantasy screeds can be done independently

Themselves screeds are unable to please a variety of design creates a uniform coating of a certain color. But there is a transparent compositions, and that they will need for the arrangement of the fancy self-leveling floor.

Plus, you will need acrylic film coated with a image. The image can be any size film too. If you want you can add decoration – shells, pebbles, coins, beads, colored sand, glitter and anything you wish. However, there are certain restrictions on the size of the decor, it needs to be small, less than the height of loading floor.

Before to equip epoxy floor, you need to prepare the base, that is to make the screed. The easiest way to do this using self-leveling mixture.

After hardening of the screed, it is applied with two component epoxy primer. Then poured the base layer of self-leveling floor, it can be any composition – the color will not be seen if the pattern covered the entire floor, or will the background if the pattern covers only part of the floor.

Self-leveling floor with their hands

After hardening of this layer is completed by applying glue and then it falls film is patterned. Through the day, the glue hardens and you can start to finish procedure – fill a transparent layer of self-leveling floor. Before that, if desired, a pattern can be positioned decor – the same stones, shells, coins and so on. This technique will give the image volume and realism.

The image and decor is carefully filled with a transparent epoxy composition, which is leveled with a metal spatula. In a day the floor is fully dried.

That’s all, as you can see, the procedure is quite simple, though long. But in the end you will get a truly exclusive self-leveling floor, beautiful, strong and durable.

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