Exchanger WebMoney: how to map electronic money

For quick financial transactions on the Internet, there are electronic wallets, digital money in daily life use paper money. But any monetary unit can be converted between each other.

E-wallet WebMoney

System Vebmani started its operations in 1998 and today is a popular payment system globally. Using all the system options, you can make payments in the Internet, to carry out various financial transactions and to conduct virtual business.

After registration on the website of the service, you must install a special program «WM Keeper» to your smartphone, personal computer or any other gadget. Should be considered a prerequisite of the system — validate data on the identity of the owner, that is to pass the vetting procedure.

By registering in the system, you can open three subspecies digital wallets:

  • for RUB — WMR-a purse;
  • for $ WMZ-purse;
  • for the Euro — WME-purse.

Names carry information about the purpose of the purse.

Credit card – what is it?

It is impossible to imagine supermarkets, cafes, shops, or petrol station without a POS terminal that accepts payment of a credit card. A well known Visa and MasterCard, they own more than 60% of the world market. Users of the Visa credit account or credited to it by the funds can easily pay for purchases or services in any country of the world, without dealing with paper money.

Banking cards Visa or MasterCard, credit, provide an opportunity to spend not only credited the money, and to loan the expense of resources of the Bank. Simply put, Visa or MasterCard are digital wallets with the function of almost instant loan.

There are a number of advantages of cards Visa/MasterCard:

  • constant access to your money worldwide, as well as in the Internet;
  • the ability to transport the funds out of the country and not declare them at customs;
  • instantly withdraw funds with no commissions, using POS-terminals in any country of the world;
  • make transfers between cards.

These cards are issued by almost all banks of the country, for example, Alfa-Bank.

The procedure for the transfer of funds from WebMoney on the card of Alfa-Bank

Alfa Bank and WebMoney the proposed new service, which you can use to tie a Bank account to WebMoney purse for an instant and reliable translation between them.

WebMoney purse Alfaclick (Internet banking) will help each user to transfer funds between accounts without unnecessary difficulties and problems. Therefore, transfer money from WebMoney on the card has become very simple and easy to do, there are many services on the Internet. For example, the exchanger of WebMoney on the card will help any user to make withdrawals. On this website you can easily withdraw WMZ on the card Alfa-Bank at the best exchange rate. How to do it, will be discussed in the training video also has step by step instructions in the FAQ section. Choosing a course, don’t forget to consider currency resources Alfaclick RUR. Also, all the visitors can study the statistics of reserves of various courses. All exchangers posted on the website, was subjected to a full inspection staff and is guaranteed safe. It should be noted that sometimes the items are charging their fee, but they are usually laid the final courses. Option the Calculator will help to calculate the most appropriate exchange.

Withdraw WebMoney, Alfa Bank in some cases can be done using a double exchange for technology exchange with the use of a transit currency.

Interchange part courses, the fee in each exchange periodically are different, therefore, to determine favorable conditions were developed by monitoring of exchangers. The rating of courses can be studied on the page Using the monitoring, it is possible to analyze and compare courses and select the most suitable options and in the future not to change unfavorable conditions. To get the full benefit of the service is distribution of free WMR-bonus daily users.

You can activate the alerts – identify personal options, and in the event of the specified course to the e-mail received notification – it is very convenient.

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